Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Badger Conversion


Overview for SNF Members-

SNF is in the process of converting from the Coral application to Badger Lab Management Software. Members will use Coral until the start of the holiday break and use Badger after the break. Reservations for after the break can be made in Badger with the usual reservation horizons. Many members already have Badger accounts and know that the look and feel of Badger is similar to Coral. If you do not have a Badger account you will need to create one. New Badger users will have no trouble performing all of their normal functions. Our hope is to make this transition as simple as possible. It is; however, critical that all members read the information below.

The most critical step for all members is to ensure that their last name and University ID in both Coral and Badger are correct and identical. If this is not done your qualifications will not be moved from Coral to Badger. Information on how to accomplish this is found in the PDF SNF Conversion - Member Data Verification. Even if you already have a Badger account you must verify that your data is correct.

Once you create a Badger account your qualifications from SNF will only be moved after the lab shuts down for the holiday break.


  • Stanford affiliates must create Badger accounts using their Stanford email of the format SUNet ID@stanford.edu as in badger@stanford.edu.
  • Non-Stanford members may want to use their home institution email or business email address.

Breaking News-

SNF Conversion to Badger Complete - 12-20-2012

SNF is no longer using Coral for any reservations, enables, equipment issues or related functions. You should use the Badger Lab Management System for all lab functions..

  • If you have any issues with your account you should work with SNF Member Services (Maureen Baran) to resolve these issues.
  • SNF members who missed the conversion deadline or did not have their qualifications moved will need to work with SNF Member Services to get their qualifications reapplied.
  • John Shott is working to enable members to logon via the Sunrays. He should have information on this process soon.
  • John Shott is working on the equipment email lists.
  • Mary Tang is updating the SNF website with operational specifics for members.

Features of the Conversion-

  • Qualifications will be converted for members with accurate member data (see below.)
  • Runtime data will be converted.
  • Equipment names will remain unchanged.
  • Maintenance data will be converted.
  • Policies and rates will remain unchanged.
  • Historical financial data will not be converted, but will remain in Coral and be available to SNF accounting staff.
  • Coral equipment mailing lists will not be supported, but problems comments and shutdown will be in Badger on the Maintenance tab for each device.
  • In most cases Projects and Accounts will now use the the standard Stanford PTA for both fields.
  • You do not need to submit a new SU-13 to apply for a Badger account if you are a current SNF Member.
  • Multiple accounts are supported just as they are in Coral.
  • Use of Badger on networks outside of Stanford will require the use of Stanford's VPN. Information on that is found here.
    • External users may need a SUNet ID to use the VPN. SNF Labmember Services Coordinator can assist with this process. Maureen Baran is at mbaran@stanford.edu.
    • There is no charge for a base level SUNet ID. Information on creating one is here.
    • Use of the VPN is also required for Stanford residential networks.

Time line for the Conversion-

    • Coral will remain in use until the beginning of the holiday break.
    • Badger will be used after the break.
    • Reservations for equipment after the break should be made in Badger. All normal reservation horizons will apply.
    • All Interlocks should be installed by 12-21. Initially they will be used in Coral and members should not be affected.
      • Many use a status LED designed by SNF staff.
      • Check with SNF maintenance staff if you have questions about these LED's.
    • 12-3 Beginning of Badger applications for Coral members.
      • Members that already have a Badger account will simply need to verify their data. They do not need a second account.
      • New Badger members will also need to verify their data.
      • Follow the instructions here SNF Conversion - Member Data Verification.
    • 12-14 Final day to complete your Badger application and verify your data is accurate in Coral and Badger.
      • Badger new account "Welcome emails" will go out over a period of a few weeks, don't expect to see a confirmation email immediately.
    • 12-20 SNF shuts down for the Holiday break. Coral is no longer in use.
    • 12-20 to 12-23 Badger and Coral down for final conversion tasks.
    • 1-7-2013 SNF reopens.

Creating a new Badger account -

Installing Badger

To install Badger on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Before proceeding, make sure that you have a valid PTA. This can be found in your member data on Coral. The SNF Conversion - Member Data Verification shows how to open the resource client to check your data.
  • Install Java Runtime Environment
    • Windows Installation
      • Download Java Runtime Environment
      • Use the link that says "Java Runtime Environment or JRE." The Java Runtime Environment includes everything that you need to run Badger including Java Web Start. You don't need the SDK (software developer's kit), the enterprise edition (J2EE), or the version that is bundled with NetBeans.
    • MAC Installation
      • Use Software Update to ensure you have the latest version of Java for your MacOS.
      • Note, this requires Java for MacOS 10.6 and higher.

Running Badger for the first time

To start the Badger application:

  • You must either be on the Stanford campus network or use the Stanford VPN to run the Badger application. Information on using the VPN can be found here.
  • Open a browser on the machine that you run Badger from and have completed the installation of the Java Runtime Environment.
  • Navigate to: Badger Download
  • This should download the Badger file and once complete run the Badger application.
    • Note: You will most likely see warnings about the certificate that you need to click OK to complete the installation.
  • Use the "New Member?" button on the login screen to complete the application. You must have a valid PTA to complete the application. You can use your old Coral PTA for this.
  • You will receive a confirming e-mail once staff have approved your online application of the Badger account.
  • Every attempt will be made to convert the existing SNF Coral qualifications to Badger. It is essential that you follow the instructions in the PDF SNF Conversion - Member Data Verification to ensure that your qualifications are converted.
  • Multiple accounts will be moved from Coral to Badger once your application is approved. This may take a few days even after you receive the "Welcome to Badger" e-mail.