A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation

Mantis 1


Our inaugural issue's poetic concern, "poetry and community," arouse almost spontaneously from our editorial boards early conversations about the constantly shifting lines within categorizations of poetic thought and practice.  The ways to conceptualize and form poetic communities are as numerous as the people engaged with poetry today.  We chose to explore the diversity of poetic communities and the celebration, criticism, and definition of community within poetry and poetics by gathering together a group of contributors actively engaged with questions of community.  This issue includes the work of poets, translators, critics, theorists, organizers of poetry reading series and other poetry performances, on-line poetry publishers and editors, and even a poetry therapist.  Their voices from their own complicated communities within this issue.  We offer the first issue of mantis as a discussion of the ways in which community influences poetic practice, and , more broadly, as the beginnings of a discussion of ways that poetry can help us understand community in all its many forms.