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Library Open House, Tuesday, October 9

Library Open House

Be sure to stop by to visit the Library Open House next Tuesday, October 9, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm here. Come to Green Library to find out about the amazing resources offered by campus Libraries and Academic Computing.

New library website goes live next week

Stanford University Libraries logo

The Stanford University Libraries’ new website will become our official homepage early next week! It's already up and available for you to explore.

US population = pi x 100 million


Yesterday the population of the United States hit 314,159,265, or pi (3.14159265) times 100 million. The Census Bureau marked this milestone with a very charming press release.

You can use SearchWorks to find material from the Census Bureau here in Green Library.

"The Great Famine" - tonight at 7 PM

The Great Famine

The ICA Summer Film Festival features The Great Famine tonight at 7:00 PM in Building 200 (History Corner), Room 002 (basement). It is based on Bertrand Patenaude's book The Big show in Bololand: the American relief expedition to Soviet Russia in the famine of 1921. This massive two-year relief campaign, was championed by Herbert Hoover, director of the American Relief Administration. Five million Soviet citizens died in this disaster.

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