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Q&A: Browsing Fiction Collections


Where can I browse for good fiction books at Stanford?


In addition to searching for fiction books by author or title in Socrates, you can also browse one of several specially designated collections of fiction titles:

  • For recent fiction, see the collection of New Fiction titles in the Lane Reading Room. These are selected by our American and British Literature Curator, and are available on 28-day loan. (They are listed in Socrates under HAS-Fiction.)
  • The Physics Library has a Science Fiction collection available for browsing and for 28-day loan. Many titles are uncatalogued and located in the Science Fiction bookcase near the current journals display. These are not all listed in Socrates.
  • The Robert Crown Law Library is home to the Vrooman Collection, an eclectic collection of popular fiction and nonfiction on subjects outside of the law. Vrooman Collection titles are listed in Socrates and available on two-week loan. Law Library staff can point readers in the right direction to find these books in the law library.
  • The Bender Room contains current and classic fiction and non-fiction. Though these books cannot be checked out, if you search Searchworks, you can probably find another copy somewhere on campus.

Stanford's collections are large and unlike a public library, it is difficult to browse the literature sections. However, if you want to browse these, check out the section with call numbers beginning in PS for American literature and PR for English literature. For literature in other languages, see Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Q&A: Finding an Anthologized Short Story


I am looking for a short story that I know is in the anthology Best American Short Stories, 2002. Stanford does not have this volume. Do you know of any other anthology that might contain the story?


To search for a story in a book, search for the title of the story as a keyword instead of as a title. In Socrates, put quotes around the title to search as a phrase. If you don't find the story in a Searchworks search, try another catalog, like Worldcat or Melvyl (the UC catalog).

Q&A: Book Reviews


Where can I find reviews of newly published and older books?


There are many great sources for book reviews:

Food Resources

Suggested Reference Materials in the Information Center:

Suggested authors: Frances Moore Lappé, Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, John Robbins, Peter Singer

Suggested subject words:

Suggested Call number ranges in Green (see also Biology and Law Libraries):

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