Research Guides

Most of the Research Guides listed here are designed for previously taught classes in Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR), and will be helpful to anyone interested in these topic areas.

For additional research help, see:

Titlesort iconInstructorDeptTerm
Authentic Experience: The Rhetoric of Tourism BaxterPWR 1Wtr 2011
A Life's Work: Rhetoric of the Professions ChewPWR 1Spg 2012
Advertising R Us: The Rhetoric of Advertising LeePWR 1Wtr 2012
Ain’t That America: The Rhetoric of American Identity BuffingtonPWR 1Fall 2009
All That Jazz: The Rhetoric of American Musical Theater GoldbergPWR 2Spg 2012
All the world's a stage: The Rhetoric of Theater VyroubalovaPWR 1Spg 2010
Anything You Can Get Away With: The Rhetoric of What Counts as Art JohnsonPWR 1Spg 2012
Beautiful Monsters: The Rhetoric of Being Human MoyerPWR 2Fall 2008
Bodies of Knowledge StreitPWR 2Spg 2012
Claiming Citizenship: Membership and Rights in Public Discourse KamrathPWR 2Wtr 2012
Code Orange: Post-9/11 America and the Rhetoric of Alarm AlfordPWR 1Spg 2011
Communicating the College Experience BilskyPWR 1Spg 2012
Competitive Women: Opportunity, Exposure, and Resistance in the World of Sports MyersPWR 2Fall 2011
Conspiracy Theory WillihnganzPWR 1Fall 2008
Constructing Childhood Kim SavelsonPWR 1Wtr 2012
Cred: Rhetoric and Credibility in Research, Politics and Everyday Life HuntPWR 2Wtr 2010
Criminal Matters: Evidence, Detection, and Expertise MoserPWR 2Spg 2011
Cultural Interfaces: The Rhetoric of Cultures, Subcultures, and Digital Identity AlfanoPWR 2Fall 2008
Cyborg Body: The Rhetoric of Disability DolichPWR 1Spg 2010
Dark Humor : A Rhetoric of Social Taboos FernandezPWR 1Fall 2010
Darwin's Dangerous Words: The Rhetoric of Evolution CarluccioPWR 1Wtr 2009
Deathbeds: Art and the Rhetoric of Disease WiebrachtPWR 1Spg 2011
Dirty Pretty Things: The Rhetoric of Objects and Objectification MedirattaPWR 2Wtr 2010
Do I Wake or Sleep?: The Rhetoric of Dreams KopleyPWR 1Spg 2009
Don't Take it Personally!: The Rhetoric of The Insult VegaPWR 1Spg 2010
Doomsday Rhetoric LeePWR 2Fall 2009
Dude Look Like a Lady: The Performance of Gender MoneyhunPWR 2Spg 2010
Eating-Animals: The Rhetoric of Animals, Food, and the Environment StanescuPWR 1Spg 2012
El Otro Lado/The Other Side: The Rhetoric of Real and Imagined borders JimenezPWR 1Spg 2010
Election 2012: Political Rhetoric Kephart and BensonEducation UnlimitedSummer 2012
Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cellphone: the Rhetoric of India and Indian Film MedirattaPWR 1Spg 2010
Equal Treatment: The Rhetoric of Public Health Hanlon-BakerPWR 2Wtr 2010
Ethnic Narratives and the Rhetoric of American Identity HerediaPWR 2Spg 2012
Everything Bad is Good For You: Writing of Science, Science of Writing PellPWR 2Spg 2012
Fake News and the Rhetoric of "Truthiness" RytkonenPWR 1Fall 2010
Fashionable Fables: The Rhetoric of Modern Mythology HaasPWR 1Spg 2011
Fearful Symmetry: The Rhetoric of the Double ReidPWR 1Wtr 2011
Feature Article: Writing and Change DiPirroPWR 1Spg 2012
Film Rhetorics and Visual Stories BurgesPWR 1Fall 2008
Flesh Made Words: New Rhetorics of the Human Body CarluccioPWR 1Fall 2008
Freakonomics and the Case Study: The Rhetoric of the Business Bestseller AllisonPWR 1Fall 2011
From Cradle to Grave: The Rhetoric of Age and Aging Vander ZeePWR 1Fall 2009
From Mad Cow to Mad Corn: The Rhetoric of Food Science and Politics BleakneyPWR 1Fall 2011
Gangsters, Glamour Girls and Gold-diggers: Dialectic of American Culture and Hollywood WalterPWR 1Spg 2011
Gay Ghettoes, Queer Hoods: The Rhetoric of Race and Urban Sexual Subcultures EstrellaPWR 1Spg 2010
Get Up, Stand Up: The Rhetoric of Human Rights and Humanitarianism MuraliPWR 1Spg 2012
Global Exchange: Intercultural Communication WattersPWR 2Spg 2012
Got Ads: Visual Design in Print Advertising LeePWR 2Spg 2012
Growing Up Global: The Rhetoric of Children's Culture Today PittockPWR 1Spg 2012
Happy Now? The Anatomy of Happiness SavelsonPWR 2Spg 2011
He Said, She Said: The Rhetoric of Gender Politics Hanlon-BakerPWR 1Fall 2011
Hip to be Square? The Rhetoric of Cool GreenwoodPWR 1Spg 2009
Hollywood Bollywood: Rhetoric of India in Global Cinema ChakravartyPWR 2Spg 2011
I Do: The Rhetoric of Consent WillanPWR 1Spg 2010
I Know it When I Hear It: The Rhetoric of the Unspeakable WearePWR 1Spg 2011
If These Walls Could Talk: The Rhetoric of Places and Spaces MoeklePWR 1Spg 2011
Imagining Others : 21st Century Cosmopolitanism SavelsonPWR 1Wtr 2010
Indecision 2012: The Rhetoric of Politics Hanlon-BakerPWR 2Spg 2012
Investigating the News: Journalism, Technology & the Future KamrathPWR 1Spg 2012
Is It True What They Say About Dixie? The Rhetoric of the American South PerkinsPWR 1Spg 2009
Is This What a Feminist Looks Like? Race/Gender in Obama Age CarluccioPWR 1Spg 2010
It Never Got Weird Enough for Me: The Rhetoric of Intoxication ZhuPWR 1Spg 2011
Jekylls and Hydes: Rhetoric of the Scientist YambolievPWR 1Spg 2009
Junior Statesmen Summer 2013 Jr. StatesmenSummer CampSum 2013
KER-PLOW!!!: The Rhetoric of Sound from Neuroscience to the Novel BurgesPWR 2Spg 2009
Larger than Life, or Far-Fetched Fancies? The Rhetoric of the “Unreal” in Science Fiction, Fantasies, and the Supernatural ShinPWR 1Spg 2009
Lasting Only One Day: The Rhetoric of Ephemera and Other Discarded Things NavasPWR 1Spg 2010
Legal Rhetoric EPGY Legal StudiesSummer ProgramSummer 2013
Legal Rhetoric WallisPWR 1Fall 2011
Let's Hear It for the Boy: The Rhetoric of Bromance FrankPWR 1Spg 2012
LGBTQAWTF: Queer Rhetorics LewisPWR 1Spg 2011
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: Rhetoric and Deception HuntPWR 1Spg 2010
Literacy: Reading, Writing, Power PittockPWR 2Wtr 2012
Little Boxes: The Rhetoric of the American Suburb FrostPWR 1Spg 2010
Love to Hate: The Rhetoric of Misanthropy GemmaPWR 1Wtr 2012
Making My Way Downtown: The Rhetoric of the City MeyersPWR 1Spg 2010
Masters of Style: The Rhetoric of Sophistication DippoldPWR 1Spg 2011
Me and My iPod: The Rhetoric of Identity HunterPWR 2Spg 2012
Millions Like Us: The Rhetoric of Crowds ArnoldPWR 1Spg 2010
Mixing Memory and Desire: The Rhetoric of Recollection BrawnPWR 2Spg 2009
Mixtapes & Meetups: The Interactive Rhetoric of Media and Relationships GerbenPWR 1Spg 2012
More Important Than Knowledge: On Imagination and its Uses BrickerPWR 1Spg 2009
Mountain for Itself: The Rhetoric of Wilderness TodhunterPWR 1Wtr 2012
Natural Enemies: The Rhetoric of Invasion Biology MoeklePWR 2Spg 2010
Neither Here Nor There: The Rhetoric of Ambiguity BarnesPWR 1Spg 2012
Networked Rhetoric: Social Networks, Participatory Media and the Future of Writing and Research AlfanoPWR 2Wtr 2011
New Media Rhetoric and Web 2.0 LeePWR 1Fall 2009
Old Media New Media BrawnSummer SchoolSummer 2010
Olympic Rhetoric: Studying the Spirit of the Games MyersPWR 2Wtr 2012
On Display: The Rhetoric of Museums and Exhibition Spaces BaxterPWR 1Spg 2011
Once Upon a Cause: Producing Picture Books for Local Children EllisPWR 2Spg 2012
Only Human Rhetorical Approaches to What We Are MoyerPWR 1Wtr 2009
Our Warded World: The Rhetoric of Conservation SensenbaughPWR 1Spg 2011
P-Sets, Essays and Midterms: Making Time for Social Change in a Busy World HunterPWR 2Wtr 2012
Page and the Stage: Writing and Performance SchulyerPWR 1Spg 2012
Paving the Road With Good Intentions: The Rhetoric of Public Service LeavittPWR 2Spg 2009
Performing Writing: Drama and the New Media DiPirroPWR 2Wtr 2011
Planet on Edge: Rhetoric of Sustainable Energy MoeklePWR 2Wtr 2011
Popular Science of Sex CarluccioPWR 2Fall 2009
Postmodernism and the Rhetoric of Uncertainty TaylorPWR 2Wtr 2012
Power for Premeds: Rhetoric of Health and Illness TinkerPWR 1Wtr 2009
Power of Political Photography BatorPWR 2Spg 2012
Programmers, Politics, and Protest: Software Development and Rhetorical Power AllenPWR 1Spg 2012
Propaganda of World War II: Strategies of Persuasion WylePWR 2Wtr 2012
Proper English AmadPWR 1Spg 2011
Protest Art!: The Rhetoric of Art as Social Activism CharlesPWR 1Spg 2010
Punk Rock and the Rhetoric of Protest Music LandryPWR 1Spg 2011
R/evolutions in Environmental Rhetoric (CWP) RossPWR 2Spg 2011
Reading Minds: The Rhetoric of Consciousness GoldbergPWR 1Spg 2011
Real and Imagined Lives: Narrative, Rhetoric, and Identity SchuylerPWR 1Fall 2010
Remaking and Retelling: The Rhetoric of Adaptation VanArendonkPWR 1Spg 2009
Rhetoric and Education Reform Lee, J.PWR 2Spg 2012
Rhetoric and Global Leadership O'BrienPWR 2Spg 2012
Rhetoric and Humanitarian Intervention Lee, J.PWR 1Wtr 2012
Rhetoric and Politics of Satire KonstantinouPWR 1Spg 2010
Rhetoric and Stereotyping: American Indians and Others ShawPWR 1Wtr 2012
Rhetoric in Crisis! KonstantinouPWR 2Spg 2011
Rhetoric of a Liberal Arts Education PetersonPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of American Multicultural Experience HerediaPWR 1Wtr 2012
Rhetoric of Apocalypse SealsPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Art and Commerce PetersonPWR 2Wtr 2012
Rhetoric of California MannPWR 1Spg 2011
Rhetoric of Consumer Culture PetersonPWR 1Wtr 2011
Rhetoric of Cross-Cultural Communication WattersPWR 2Wtr 2011
Rhetoric of Cultural Memories of Violence JohnsrudPWR 1Spg 2011
Rhetoric of Design Thinking SavelsonPWR 2Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Eating JohnsonPWR 1Spg 2011
Rhetoric of Ethical Research BleakneyPWR 2Spg 2010
Rhetoric of Ethics in Research and Technology BleakneyPWR 2Wtr 2011
Rhetoric of Failure PorterPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Fun: The Festival, the Carnival, and the Circus BuffingtonPWR 2Spg 2010
Rhetoric of Gaming AlfanoPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Life Itself: Biotechnology and Emerging Life WilbanksPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Mass Audiences SchuylerPWR 2Wtr 2012
Rhetoric of Religion in Immigrant Culture ChakravartyPWR 1Wtr 2009
Rhetoric of Robots WalserPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Storytelling WoodPWR 1Wtr 2012
Rhetoric of the Circus ChangPWR 1Spg 2011
Rhetoric of The Economist Janiszewska PWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of the Unsaid ParkerPWR 1Spg 2012
Rhetoric of Tourism: Anticipation, Adventure, and Awe BleakneyPWR 1Wtr 2009
Rhetoric, Social Media, and Virtual Worlds KonstantinouPWR 1Wtr 2011
Rhetorics of the Novel JonesPWR 1Wtr 2012
Rock ‘n’ Rhetoric FordPWR 1Wtr 2012
Scandals, Private Lives, and Public Faces: The Rhetoric of Stanford WylePWR 1Spg 2012
Scholar Activists Fix the World? The Rhetoric of Scholarship and Activism HunterPWR 2Spg 2011
Science of Sports MyersPWR 1Spg 2012
Science, Democracy and Social Media StarkmanPWR 2Spg 2012
Searching for San Jose: Urban Studies Audio Walking Tours FeldmanPWR 2Spg 2011
Selling the American West: Strategies and Rhetoric of Illusion WylePWR 2Wtr 2009
Silence, Exile, and Cunning: The Rhetoric of Exile RungPWR 1Spg 2009
Size Matters: The Writing and Rhetoric of Short Stories TevelPWR 1Spg 2011
SLE: Karl Marx SLESLESpg 2012
Speaking about Art: Narrating the Cantor's Collections FeldmanPWR 2Fall 2010
Speaking About Art: Narrating the Collections of the Cantor Art Center LeePWR 2Wtr 2010
Sports Appeal: Packaging and Promoting Stanford Athletics MyersPWR 2Fall 2010
Stanford National Forensic Institute Summer 2013 SNFISummer CampSum 2013
Stepping Out from the Shadows: Music, the Bass Guitar, and the Rhetoric of Revolution TaylorPWR 2Spg 2012
Strange Art, Stranger Politics: Absurdism and the Rhetoric of Social Action HerndonPWR 1Wtr 2010
Such a Long Journey: South Asian Diaspora in the World ChakravartyPWR 1Wtr 2011
Such a Long Journey: South Asian Diaspora Literature ChakravartyPWR 2Fall 2008
Supreme Court Rhetoric BatorPWR 1Wtr 2012
Sustainability: Making an Impact with Research and Rhetoric FeldmanPWR 2Wtr 2012
Technology and the Demonic: Rhetoric Against the Machine ReidPWR 2Spg 2011
That’s So Gay: The Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality CerankowskiPWR 1Spg 2009
The Art of the Sports Narrative Kelly MyersPWR 91Spg 2011
The Plague Paulson MLAFall 2009
The Rhetoric of Biomedical Ethics StarkmanPWR 1Wtr 2012
The Rhetoric of Food TatePWR 1Spg 2009
The Rhetoric of Kitsch KimbrellPWR 1Spg 2009
The Rhetoric of Social Media RomanowPWR 1Spg 2010
The Rhetoric of Stanford: "Come Join the Band!" WylePWR 1Spg 2009
The Rhetoric of Student Protest and Activism BleakneyPWR 1Spg 2009
The Rhetoric of Taste MeyersPWR 1Wtr 2010
The Rhetoric of Technology BrawnPWR 1Wtr 2012
The Ugly American? Tourism and the Rhetoric of Power HerndonPWR 2Spg 2010
The Unreasonable Man: The Rhetoric of Outrage WillanPWR 1Wtr 2010
Too Much Information?: The Rhetoric of Social Networking & Online Privacy VegaPWR 1Spg 2011
Un-Performing Ourselves: The Design and Craft of Presentations DiPirroPWR 2Wtr 2012
Understanding American Political Speeches of the 20th and 21st Centuries HamiltonPWR 1Spg 2010
Unpredictable Dialogue: Art of the Interview, Art of the Essay MoyerPWR 2Spg 2012
Virtue of Vice and the Vice of Virtue: The Rhetoric of Criminality HunterPWR 1Fall 2011
Visual Rhetoric across the Globe: Capturing Culture in Images O'BrienPWR 1Fall 2011
Web 2.008: The Rhetoric of Online Activism LeavittPWR 2Fall 2008
What's So Funny? Humor Race Class and Gender RytkonenPWR 2Spg 2012
When Comics Get Serious: Rhetoric of Graphic Narratives VidergarPWR 1Spg 2009
Whose Streets? Our Streets! The Rhetoric of Protest MurrayPWR 1Spg 2010
Wishy-Washy or Wise? The Rhetoric of Ambivalence EllisPWR 1Wtr 2012
Wow, that's so postcard: The Rhetoric of Tourism Le-KhacPWR 1Spg 2010
Writing about Cities: Exploration, Observation, Research, Analysis FeldmanPWR 1Spg 2012
Writing for the Wild and the Tame MoyerPWR 1Wtr 2012
Writing Nature: Discourses in Ecology, Culture, and Technology RossPWR 1Wtr 2012
Writing the Bicycle: Rhetoric and Research on Two Wheels HuntPWR 1Spg 2009
Writing the Future: The Rhetoric of Popular Science and Science Fiction BrawnPWR 2Spg 2012
Writing Wrongs: Human Rights in the Age of Facebook PellPWR 1Wtr 2012
You Go Girl: The Rhetoric of Gender Equality Hanlon-BakerPWR2Fall 2010