Browse by Call Number in SearchWorks

Stanford’s new online discovery environment, Searchworks, now provides researchers with the ability to browse our holdings by Call Number. Browsing by Call Number facilitates the kind of serendipitous discovery researchers rely on when browsing the physical library, but with the added benefit of browsing across many libraries at once. This new feature allows scholars to browse Stanford Library items with adjacent call numbers, regardless of where the item is located. Browsing by Call Number reveals related items in Green Library, in branch and coordinate libraries, and in our auxiliary libraries. With Call Number Browsing, searchers can browse our full collection from the comforts of home or office.

To Browse by Call Number, click on a title in your SearchWorks search results, and use the Browse Around panel on the left. Try The Psychology of Music to see an example that allows you to browse related items on the shelves of the Music Library, Green Library, and SAL 3 all at once.

The technical work that allows us to provide virtual browsing by Call Number lays the foundation for future browsing options by author, subject and title.