Q&A: Resources on international security for the Honors College

Is there an electronic copy of the resources for the Honors College students in International Security?


Yes, below is the list, with the links to the resources themselves.

Honors Program in International Security Studies 2009:
A short list of resources at Stanford Libraries

PAIS [Public Affairs Information Service]
WorldCat [listings for thousands of libraries worldwide]
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
EIU Country Data [Economist Intelligence Unit]
IMF Country Report [International Monetary Fund Library Network]
Armed Conflict Database [Very good at keeping up with “non-state armed groups” i.e “terrorists”]
Jane’s [Defense and Intelligence publications, also in paper via Socrates]
Forced Migration Online [Oxford U. Press]
Lexis Nexis [Newspapers and Legal Research]
Lexis Nexis Congressional [Congressional Publications and CRS reports]
United States Congressional Serial Set
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
CAB [Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau: good for rural development issues and security at the local level]
World News Connection [FBIS] [CIA monitoring of world news broadcasts]
ProQuest Historical Newspapers [New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, etc.]
NewsBank [Access World News]
Facts On File World News Digest [Facts.com, 1940 to present]
Digital National Security Archive [historical materials, WWII through 1990s]
IGO/NGO Search
World Bank E-Library

World Development Indicators [WDI Online]
Lexis Nexis Statistical [and microfiche: ASI, IIS, SRI]
China Data Online
STAT-USA [Contains GLOBUS on international trade data]
OECD Stat & Source OECD

Print Resources:
SIPRI Yearbook
United Nations Disarmament Yearbook
Europa World Year Book, current only online
Political Handbook of the World
Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports: country by country, in many libraries across campus and in storage.
IMF Country Reports