Rhetoric of Gaming

Spg 2012


Chris Bourg
Chris Bourg
PhD, Stanford University
BA, Duke University

Twitter: @mchris4duke
Blog: Feral Librarian

Getting Started

  1. Use Reference Sources to jumpstart your research, to get ideas, search terms, context, and more.
  2. Find Books, Journal Titles and Media in Stanford's Online Catalog, SearchWorks.
  3. Find Articles in Selected Databases.
    Note: Stanford subscribes to over 1000 Databases that index articles and books on various topics. Since there are so many databases we recommend a select subset of databases which will give you access to articles in a wide variety of subject areas.

  4. Find Resources on your Course Theme. Click the link(s) below.

Gaming Resources

Gaming Reference Books/Chapters:

More Gaming resources:

  • Pew Internet & American Life Project:The Project produces reports exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. This link takes you to reports and research on Gaming. Other topics available as well.
  • CRCnetBase: An online collection of e-books on a variety of topics, including plenty of books and/or chapters on video, online, and mobile gaming.
  • Game Studies: Links to lots of resources (books, films, websites) on gaming.
  • VG Chartz: a detailed mixture of sales figures, discussion boards, sales analysis, developer interviews, reviews, features, social networking and a sprawling game database.
  • digiplay initiative: A rich resource for game-related research articles and books.
  • MobyGames: A Game Documentation and Review Project
  • Videogame play footage at archive.org: Find and download videos of actual videogame play.
  • Index to the Cabrinety collection: software, computer hardware, peripheral devices, hand-held games, and computer industry literature documenting the microcomputing gaming industry during its formative years.
  • The Video Game Museum: a collection of games, boxes, books, posters, etc. from pre-1990 computer adventure and RPG games
  • Game Studies: a peer-reviewed, international academic journal of computer game research
  • Nick Yee’s homepage: Yee is a research scientist at the Palo Alto Research Center, who does research in online games and immersive virtual reality.


Thanks for putting together this really great resource for the class :)

- Christine