Author Ray Bradbury dies at age 91

Ray Bradbury

Author of Fahrenheit 451 and the Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury has died at age 91.

The Dictionary of Literary Biography includes the following description of Bradbury:

Although Ray Bradbury remains perhaps the best known of all science-fiction writers, and although his stories and themes have permeated all areas of American culture as have those of no other science-fiction writer--through more than five hundred stories, poems, essays, plays, films, television plays, radio, music, and even comic books----Bradbury is still something of an anomaly in the genre. In a field that thrives on the fantastic and the marvelous, Bradbury's best stories celebrate the mundane; in a field preoccupied with the future, Bradbury's vision is firmly rooted in the past--both his own personal past and the past of America. In a popular genre where reputations, until recently, have been made through ingenious plotting and the exposition of scientific and technological ideas, Bradbury built an enormous reputation virtually on style alone--and then, when the rest of the writers in the genre began to discover the uses of stylistic experimentation, turned ever more toward self-imitation and the recapitulation of earlier themes. When science fiction seemed almost exclusively a literature of technophiles, Bradbury became a lone symbol of the dangers of technology, even to the point of refusing to drive an automobile or fly in an airplane. But when science fiction came increasingly to adopt an ambivalent attitude toward unchecked technological progress, Bradbury became an international spokesman for the virtues of spaceflight and technological achievement.

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