Art Workshop

In your library workshop we are, of course, not going to attempt to teach you everything there is to know about research at Stanford. But we are going to help you understand some basic concepts with which you can build a solid research foundation.

Library research skills:

[1]  Approaching a research question constructively, breaking it down into conceptual segments and useful keywords
[2]  Identifying/recognizing the kinds of resources that cannot be found by searching Google, what those resources are, and why they are necessary for success at Stanford
[3]  Navigating the SULAIR home page, especially to get to SearchWorks and Databases
[4]  Understanding what a subject-specific database is, what information it can provide, and how to use that information to get to the actual texts
Along with this, understanding how a databse record is constructed, and how to use this understanding to construct effective and efficient searches
[5]  Appreciating the many ways that working with a librarian can help you to achieve success with a research project

SearchWorks skills:

[1]  How this database differs from the ones listed on the Databases page and how they are similar to them
[2]  How call numbers work
[3]  How to link conceptually and procedurally from other databases' citations to journal, anthology, or monographic titles at Stanford
[4]  How to utilize subject headings/controlled vocabulary
[5]  How to apply limits: to a specific field(s); to a specific library