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Theory-Based Research and Finding a Faculty Job

Samantha Brunhaver, a doctoral candidate in DEL, provided an overview of theory-based research and a helpful comparison between the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) model and Expectancy X Value Theory as guides for how to use theories and models in reasearch. As a special bonus, Sam shared thoughts and perspective on her journey toward a faculty position.

  • Theory-Based Research
  • Finding a Faculty Job

Learning Models

Jan Behrenbeck and Mark Schar presented perspcetives on learning models. Jan provided an overview of this Bachelorthesis work including a neurological perspective on learning as well as early comparisons of the TUM and Stanford learning models. Mark spoke about classic learning models and focused on two that are part of the lab's recent NSF proposal - Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and Baron-Cohen's E-S Theory.

Alumni Survey Techniques

Daniel Weiss, a visitng scholar in DEL, discussed entreprenurship research conducted by Stanford Univeristy professor Chuck Eesley that used a sample of Stanford University alumni.

Effect Size and P-Value

Qu Jin, a Postdoctoral scholar in DEL, provided helpful perspective on the use of Effect Size and P-Values in social science research.

Qu's Presentation

Anscombe's Quartert

Conference Poster Preparation

Here is a list of helpful sites full of useful tips for the design and production of a conference poster.

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