Child Care Subsidy Grant Program

2014 Child Care Subsidy Grant Program 

The Child Care Subsidy Grant program (CCSG) provides a grant of up to $5,000 a year to qualified employees with children 9 years old and younger. The purpose of the grant is to assist Stanford faculty and staff in meeting the cost of child care. The WorkLife Office determines your eligibility for a child care grant based on your application.  There are three application periods. Grants awarded during Application Periods A and B are funded by Stanford through Stanford’s Dependent Day Care Spending Account (DDCSA) plan and are tax free. Grants awarded during Application Period C are prorated and taxable.

New Application for 2013-14

CCSG Financial Documentation Guide


Please submit applications for Period C between May 1 - May 16, 2014.  (Effective Date for Payment will be in July 2014).  You may apply if you were hired or added an eligible child to your family between September 20, 2013 and May 16, 2014, or you do not have a grant because you were not eligible during Periods A or B.  Contact us for more information about this program.  

Flexible Spending Accounts 

For questions regarding how to submit claims for dependent care, please visit the Benefits website for more information about Flexible Spending Accounts.  If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please contact the Benefits Department at 1-877-905-2985, option 8, for further assistance.  If you have questions concerning your 2013 FSA, please select option 9 for assistance.