Welcome to the French Language Placement Test, administered by the Stanford Language Center.

This exam is advisory to you and your professors. We want to recommend a course for you which is appropriate to your level of French. We want to make sure that you make wise use of your time at Stanford. You shouldn't take a course which is too elementary for you --that is, one in which you already know the material. You also shouldn't take a course that is too advanced--this leads to frustration and to the complications of switching sections or to dropping out and starting over.

While taking this test, remember that you are now a Stanford student and subject to the Stanford Honor Code. It is very important that you do your best on this exam AND that you do not receive any help with it. This includes the use of dictionaries, online translators, etc. In order to make good judgments about YOUR placement, we need good information about YOUR knowledge of French.

The results of your exam will be known to you and to members of the Language Center who direct placement testing. They will not be reported to all members of the department, to the registrar, or recorded on your transcript.

Remember this is a placement test. It is not graded in the traditional sense, but used to match you to an appropriate level of French.

Stanford University Language Center