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Alicia Jiménez:"All Art Has Been Contemporary - Roman Provinces, Persistence, Legacies, and Quotes from the Past"

Stanford Archaeology Center
Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012
5:00pm – Seminar Room
Building 500
“All art has been contemporary” is a neon piece by Maurizio Nannucci (1999) that for some time greeted visitors to the Altes Museum (German for “Old Museum”) in Berlin. Nannucci confronts us here with interesting matters for the study of provincial heritages in the Roman Empire and the uses of the past in the past. This 19th-century ‘quote’ of a classic past through a generic representation of a Graeco-Roman temple is also an invitation to reflect on the fact that the past and our relation to it is – and always has been – a creation of and in the present. This talk will critically approach traditional ideas about how various regions in the Mediterranean became Roman and the way we tend to interpret ‘resistance’ to ‘Romanization’.
Alicia Jiménez is an Acting Assistant Professor in Classics at Stanford. Recently she was a postdoctoral research fellow working at University College London (Institute of Archaeology) and Glasgow University (Archaeology, School of Humanities) as part of the Material Connections mobility, materiality and Mediterranean identities’ project. Jiménez is author of Imagines hibridae: una approximation postcolonialista a las necropolis de la Bética (Madrid, 2008).