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Guy Hedreen: The Portrait of the Artist as a Symposiast, Or, The Iambic Art of Euphronios

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Building 110, Room 112
5:15 – 7:15 pm
The artist who identifies himself by name as a symposiast on a much-discussed stamnos in Brussels, an artist who signs the same vase as the painter named “Smikros,” is, I argue, a fictitious creation of the great late Archaic Athenian vase-painter Euphronios.  In this and other visual and inscriptional inventions, Euphronios appears to be working with a set of artistic conceptions similar to some iambic poetic propositions that circulated, it seems, like the vases, in symposia. 

Guy Hedreen teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the art and culture of ancient Greece at Williams College.  He also teaches the undergraduate course on the history and methodology of art history.  He writes on Dionysiac art, mythology, ritual, and drama; the Trojan War in Greek art and literature; the nature of visual narration, and Athenian vase-painting.