Slavic Undergraduate Programs

A full undergraduate program provides a choice of several Major tracks leading to a B.A., a B.A. Honors, as well as three Minor concentrations (see below).


The three undergraduate Major concentrations include: Russian Language and Literature; Russian Language, Culture, and History; Russian Literature and Philosophy (for a detailed description, see Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree and the relevant portion of the Stanford Bulletin). Successful completion of Slavic 51, 52, 53 (Second-Year Russian), or the equivalent as determined by a department placement examination, is a prerequisite for each Major concentration. Candidates must then complete an additional 52 units according to the distributions specified in the Stanford Bulletin.

Slavic Department majors must receive a letter grade indicator of 'C' or better in order to receive credit toward the major. Elective courses are selected in consultation with the undergraduate director. With department permission, work in related academic fields (for example, anthropology, sociology, religion, political science, communications, film, drama) may apply toward the degree requirements.

Proficiency Notation
Seniors are encouraged to qualify by examination for the RUSSIAN Language Proficiency Notation on their transcript, which certifies foreign language competence. They should contact the Language Center ( at least two quarters prior to graduation.

See also Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree and the relevant sections in the Stanford Bulletin ( and elsewhere).


Slavic departemnt offers three Minor concentrations. Two require minimal proficiency in Russian: Minor in Russian Language and Minor in Russian Language, Literature, and Culture. The third, Minor in Russian Culture requires knowledge of Russian literature in translation and some familiarity with the history of Russian culture and other social institution. For the courses and distribution requirements, see the Minor in Slavic section of the Bulletin.

Students seeking a Slavic minor or major are encouraged to take advantage of the Bing Overseas Studies Program in Moscow.