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Be Here

A virtual reality experience of Stanford

What’s it like to be a Stanford undergraduate or graduate student? Students chart their own paths of discovery, learning and growth, and each journey is as unique as the individual. Experience Stanford virtually through the stories of these five students.

Information about the video

Use Google Cardboard or a compatible VR viewer for the most immersive 360 video experience. Install the YouTube app and load the “Be Here” video on your mobile phone.  In the video player, click the Cardboard Mode icon (at the lower right and looks like a headset). Place your phone into your viewer. To play the video, turn your head until you see the “play” button and press the activate button on the top right of your VR headset. For spacial audio experience, use earphones.

Featured Students (in order of appearance):

  • Anna Olson is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and a course assistant in the Product Realization Lab.
  • Justin Tacket is a PhD candidate in English Literature and is Graduate Coordinator of the Material Imagination Workshop.
  • Anika Benons is an undergraduate student in Computer Science and dances with the Chocolate Heads Movement Band.
  • Anton Molina is a PhD candidate in Material Science and Engineering and works in the Prakash Bioengineering Lab.
  • Courtney Pal is double majoring in Earth Systems and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.

Nicole Scandlyn – Executive Producer (University Communications)
Gordon Gurley – Creative Director, Camera; Chandra Ritvo – Producer; Cameron W. Bill – Editor, Camera, Audio (Stanford Video)

Knight-Hennessy Scholars
Vice Provost for Graduate Education