Yan Michalevsky

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Seems I'm getting back to composing. Recently have been playing around with MuTools MULab and the result is Memoirs from Ibizza.

Another one is Dream, a remake of an old piece I wrote around 1999.

Locum Meum, also a remake of an old piece from 1997.

Pianomania - written originally in 1997 with V-Shark.


This section contains some original music I have composed in the past. Several pieces were composed in cooperation with Vitaly Koshelev (a.k.a V-Shark).
Various software was used including MicroLogic Audio, Buzz Tracker, Modplug Trucker, Rebirth, and Recycle. The music was composed during the period of 1997-2000.
Ethnotronic - composed using Buzz Tracker. Genre: Ethnic Trance.
Lovefire - composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Lovefire (House Remix) - composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Walk Around Mad - composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Walk Around Mad (House Remix) - Yan Michalevsky and Vitaly Koshelev (V-Shark).
Rythm of the Night - A remix of the famous dance track by Corona. Composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Round and Round - A remix of the famous dance track by Ti.Pi.Cal. Composed using ModPlug Tracker.
K-300 - Composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Intoxication - Composed using ModPlug Tracker.
After-dark Echoes - Composed using ModPlug Tracker.
Track 4 - Unnamed track from CyberSound album. Composed using MicroLogic.
And one that I particularly like, Hyperactive B-boy, composed using ModPlug Tracker.
If you liked any of the tracks, downloaded it and having fun listening to it, I would appreciate a donation that would encourage me to post even more music and help offset the cost of production software.