1) Administrative Questions.

 1.1) What is this group?

The usenet group is no longer useful, long since having been destroyed by trolls. See the Dunsire Forums instead.

 A) The group rec.music.makers.bagpipe was for people with a shared interest in all topics related to piping. The Great Highland Bagpipe (GHB) and Uilleann Pipe (UP) are the two main instruments of choice, but just about every conceivable kind of bagpipe is represented among the interests of readers and posters.

 1.2) Are there any news group posting guidelines?

 A) There are no hard and fast rules. However, some common sense etiquette can be applied to reduce the blood pressure of your fellow piping enthusiasts:


1.3) Is there an archive of old messages and/or postings?

 A) The archive of bagpipe mailing list messages from 1992 to roughly March 1995 is no longer available. For articles since the news group was established, see DejaNews, now known as Google Groups.

1.4) Is there a mailing list version of this news group?

 A) No longer.

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