assignment3: "Gagaku Shapes"

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“Gagaku” makes use of very simple sonic gestures to establish its spacey, meditative mood.  For me, it is a very intervallic continuum, such that each of these gestures—the plucking, the beat of the drum, the scalar and inflectional phrasing of the wind instruments—all stick out.  This is true in their singularity as well as their concert.
            Such was the basis for “Gagaku Shapes.”  This inspired the behavior of the color contrasts, the horizontal line, the I-Ching-esque rectangle arrangements (not intentionally to mix Chinese and Japanese ideologies and practices), and instantaneous changes of color in the backdrop in the project.  The visual gestures in “Gagaku” shapes are to correspond with the sonic ones in “Gagaku,” and so it only made sense to use elementary shapes: bending a line or expanding a box models the kind of phenomena that occurs when skipping rocks or creating dark water with the smallest drop of ink.  These small disturbances in nature create some of the most expressive gestures; I hope that the Flash model of “Gagaku Shapes” captures and inspires these kinds of ideas for viewers.