final: "Symbology Jam"

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"Symbology Jam" borrows from Mark Applebaum's "Metaphysics of Notation" and audiovisual ideas apparent in works like McClaren's/Peterson's "Begone Dull Care." I used excerpts from three jazz pieces: Miles Davis's "Moon Dreams," Hiromi Uehara's "Time Travel," and Wynton Marsalis's "The Magic Hour" that I thought had brilliant textures and dynamics for my odd-notation interpretation. The score is just a left-to-right piece, but not with typical score symbols. What happens when we step outside of everyday music notation and replace it with one whose symbols are far more intricate aesthetically? And in a music as expressive as jazz, what does this look like? What are its "breaks"? fermatas"? "decrescendos"? When we don't indicate motion with "con moto" (lit. "with motion"), then what is our indicator?

This piece was extremely fun to create--I hope that you find it fun to watch and that it reads like a jam.


Tyler C. Brooks (Stanford University, '14)