Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bad Film Critic (with data)

I watched a nice film - Yahaan. And I couldn't resist checking what Taran Adarsh had to say about it. Of course, he trashed it. Then, I found this site called, that had reviews from different sources - pretty cool. I put together a little graph showing the negative correlation between my taste and Taran's taste.

I was quite surprised to see an almost perfect correlation. I had to try this out - so I checked the rating for Kabul Express. It got a 2.5, with Adarsh stating that the "aam junta" would not be able to appreciate it. Now I was convinced I'd like this movie. And it was awesome. I strongly recommend this film - can't believe it was made in India (felt that way about Iqbal and Dor too).


Blogger jasleen said...

Hi: Mr. Adarsh (not so Adarsh actually) needs to do Hindi film industry a favor and stop using anything which may result and written form.

I was reading the review for "ek chalis ki last local" and noted how "ta ra rum pum" got a 3.5 from him compared to a 3 for ECKLL. I have often noted his bias towards Yash Raj films. I don't believe he is able to comprehend the movies being appreciated by the "multiplex going audience". He is sitting in some Mumbai high rise in his ac-ed office and dishing out trash mostly based on his assumption that "masses are asses". Too bad for the new generation of film makers who have brought a breath of fresh air to the film industry !

6:11 PM  
Blogger Amit said...

"I strongly recommend this film - can't believe it was made in India (felt that way about Iqbal and Dor too)."

Hmmm...why couldn't it be made in India? Indian cinema has produced so many creative directors since the 50s who have made amazing films which can easily match any film made by a world director. Is it because of your lack of exposure to Indian cinema, or have you been watching too many Bollywood movies and influenced by them? (-:

5:27 PM  

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