Non-Coercive or Voluntary Societies

This page is the result of a mind-blowing class I took under Prof. Ron Howard (Dept of MS&E, Stanford University) on "Designing a Free Society." We are unbelievably entrenched in coercive structures than we would like to know. This page is an attempt to look at current events with a different lens, that of a non-coercive, voluntary society, that lives on the maxim, "Peaceful, honest people have the right to be left alone."

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Innovation in Debt-Collection

Tangy Tamarind is an upmarket Mumbai restaurant. A few weeks ago, its diners were taken aback when a raucous group descended on the restaurant with banners charging the proprietor to be a bank defaulter.

They were in a 'collection' effort, spearheaded by a young woman who ensured that diners were not disturbed except to inform them of the need for its action. A video camera continuously captured the entire proceedings. The restaurant staff watched helplessly while the management seemed to have vanished.

Read more in Sucheta Dalal's column, The Indian Express, Oct 17, 2005


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