Monday, March 14, 2005

Professor Bob Sutton

Prof. Sutton is an amazing professor with a fantastic teaching style. His class (MSE 280) is non-stop fun, and I highly recommend it. He is a world-renowned authority on Organization Behavior, with two great books, The Knowing Doing Gap and Wierd Ideas That Work.

Like all the great professors I've met at Stanford, Prof. Sutton is extremely humble and a great listener.

I was fortunate to be in an awesome class with an awesome project team. In fact, Prof. Sutton mentioned that although our class was in Hewlett 102 (an extremely cramped room designed by the airline industry), he thought this was one of his best classes.

My team mates were Ajay Kshatriya, Matthew Wolfram and Zhan Xu, and we had great fun studying Cultures of Implementation (a comparative study of the Marriott with Crowne Plaza).

Also wanted to mention that we had two great classes taken by our Teaching Assistants, Ralph Maurer (on Southwest Airlines) and Tsedal Beyene (on Language Barriers).