MS&E Course Assistant Application Form

MS&E Course Assistant Application Form

Winter Quarter 2013-2014

Please submit by Sunday, October 20, 2013.

Please list each course in which you feel qualified to be the CA only one time. If you have only one choice, please leave the other choices blank. An assumption is made that you have previously taken the course or an equivalent course if you feel qualified to be the CA. The instructors will be sent a list of all students who feel they are qualified to be the CA in that course. The instructors will rank their preferences and return them to me. I will notify you of any assignment. Thanks.

Priority for CAs goes to MS&E PhD students in years 1-5.

Spring Quarter CA Applications will be accepted in February.

Courses allocated at least one 25% CA:

ENGR 145 Technology Entrepreneurship, Korver/Miura-Ko (one 50% CA and one 25% CA)
ENGR 245 Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups, Blank (one 50% CA)
121 Introduction to Stochastic Modeling, Glynn (two 50% CAs)
130 Information Networks and Services, Bambos (one 50% CA and one 25% CA)
140/240 Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs, Stanton (three 50% CAs and one 25% CA)
146 Corporate Financial Management, Johnson (one 50% CA)
175 Innovation, Creativity, and Change, Katila (one 50% CA and one 25% CA)
178 The Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Roizen (two 50% CAs)
185 Global Work, Siino (one 50% CA)
197 Ethics and Public Policy, McGinn (three 50% CAs)
241 Economic Analysis, Sweeney (two 50% CAs and one 25% CA)
250A Engineering Risk Analysis, Pate-Cornell (two 50% CAs)
261 Inventory Control and Production Systems, Hausman (two 50% CAs and one 25% CA)
263 Healthcare Operations Management, Brandeau (one 50% CA)
271 Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Kosnik/Smith (two 50% CAs and one 25% CA)
274 Dynamic Entrepreneurial Strategy, Tse (two 50% CAs, and one 25% CA)
277 Creativity and Innovation, Britos/Peolochino/Pferdt (one 50% CA)
280 Organizational Behavior: Evidence in Action, Siino (one 50% CA and one 25% CA)
282 Transformational Leadership, Tabrizi (one 50% CA)
289 Designing for Sustainable Abudance, Dunn (one 25% CA)
292 Health Policy Modeling, Brandeau (one 50% CA)
294 Climate Policy Analysis, Weyant (one 25% CA)
311 Optimization, Ye (one 25% CA)
342 Advanced Investment Science, Woehrmann (one 25% CA)
347 Credit Risk: Modeling and Management, Giesecke (one 50% CA)
352 Decision Analysis II: Professional Decision Analysis, Howard (two 50% CAs)
453 Decision Analysis Applications, Robinson (one 25% CA)
464 Global Project Coordination, Cohen (one 50% CA)

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I am only interested in a 25% position (10 hours per week)
I am interested in either a 25% or a 50% position
I am only interested in a 50% position (20 hours per week)

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