Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Cree Indian Prophecy

Old Glory The sadness of pleasure and joy of pain. Perhaps the most perfect description of life, whether 600 years ago or today.

Meet Sully and Matt: two of the coolest people you can meet. They're fellow war buddies of mine from the Take Five War (92-97) fought bravely at the UR. Since the war, Sully has moved to Georgia where he builds hybrid laundry/Coke machines after having prepared the US rail system for maglevs. Matt is now a Ph.D. student in the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department at Cornell University and is making chaos, jewelry, and little pet robots that watch over his pet monkey that watches over his pet cat.

Why is "I" capitalized?

Poppies, poppies, and more poppies. And a rainbow on a mountainside.

Here's the kind of story which honestly makes my day, knowing that such people are still out there untainted by modern society: Brazilian Lost Tribe Discovered. Fascinating that there are still tribes of people who have yet to see modern man. Let's just leave them alone for once.

What means climb? How belay? Lead me to rock....

What does a spiral galaxy have to do with stick fighting? Analagous to World Wars, it seems the world needs two Cold Wars to get the picture. If you don't believe me, just step back and take a look at the situation with China. It's a nation with more than a billion people, as much land and resources as the US, a history of brutal repression, and it's being controlled by an anachronistic government that still dwells in a Cold War state of ignorance. No matter what anybody tells you otherwise, as China develops and advances it will eventually become as powerful as the US, both economically and militarily. It may take 20 years or it may take 100, but China will become a superpower and the world needs to understand that to even begin to deal with China. Then consider that Russia, though further along in becoming a democracy, also dwells in a Cold War state of ignorance (though not as severely) with the unfounded fear that the West is out to get them. Once great enemies, these two nations are trying to cement a bond against their mutually perceived threat: the US (as well as the rest of the West, though to a lesser degree). These ingredients, along with reckless pride, will inevitably lead to another Cold War (or even a hot war), though this time more severe than the first, if both nations do not become full-fledged democracies. That should bother you, if not scare you. It seems the Chinese and Russian governments have been unable to glean the quite obvious message from two brutal World Wars and one nerve-racking Cold War: freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness are necessary to becoming a superpower.

Too much monkeyshine We already have too many rich and thoughtless monkeys, yet they've now gone ahead and cloned a monkey so we can have even more. Some monkeys, it seems, think the deafening sound of a snowmobile surrounded in the aura of its own blue-gray exhaust tearing up the wilderness is a way to enjoy nature. I hope I don't even have to try and explain why these snowmonkeys are missing the point and why our precious national parks and wilderness areas are at least one place where we shouldn't have to worry about smog and noise. It seems the onslaught of monkeys will continue until our roads, our air, our wilderness, our minds, and our evolution are all but clotted.


"I run good but I'm hard to start. And my brakes are bad so I'm hard to stop."