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Extreme Policies Are a Big Problem, Despite Naysayer November 5, 2013, John Batchelor Show (10:07).

Republican Convention Coverage Part 2 August 30, 2012, WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show (44:25).

The Romney Economic Plan August 29, 2012, NPR's On Point (47:31).

Taylor on a Gold Standard and a Rules Based Fed Policy August 27, 2012, Hays Advantage (15:29).

First Principles and the Rule of Law June 26, 2012, John Bachelor Show.

First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity June 18, 2012, Money, Riches, and Wealth (21:55).

Fixing the weak US economy requires more long-term policy June 5, 2012, Market Place (4:04).

John Taylor's 2012 Hayek Prize May 15, 2012, John Batchelor Show.

John Batchelor Show Debate at the Hoover Institution, April 28-29, 2012

Keynes and Hayek, with attention to Milton Friedman's conversation on Keynes and Hayek. Nicholas Wapshott, John Taylor, Michael Boskin, Russ Roberts. (Three segments broadcast on April 28 and 29, 2012 on the John Batchelor Show)

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Taylor on Rules, Discretion and First Principles April 30, 2012, EconTalk. 1:02:34

Taylor on the John Batchelor Show April 3, 2012, John Batchelor Show.

First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity March 3, 2012, Larry Kudlow Show.

John Taylor on Returning Economy to Prosperity February 27, 2012, The Foundry (7:27).

Rebecca Costa's Interview with John B. Taylor February 17, 2012, The Costa Report (51:20).

Five Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity February 16, 2012, KQED's Forum (52:00).

John Taylor on Payne Nation January 25, 2012, Payne Nation.

John Taylor on the Tom O'Brien Show January 25, 2012, Tom O'Brien Show (starts around 1:21:00).

Stanford's Taylor Says Economic Crisis Not Over January 20, 2010, Bloomberg's Surveillance (13:50).

First Principles Broadcast on January 17, 2012, John Batchelor Show (starts at 19:27)

US Monetary Policy and Economic Recovery November 10, 2011, Market Wrap.

US Monetary Policy and Economic Recovery November 10, 2011, Payne Nation.

US Monetary Policy and Economic Recovery November 10, 2011, John Batchelor Show.

Taylor on the Kudlow Report November 5, 2011, Kudlow Report(starts at 78:40).

Taylor on the John Batchelor Show October 11, 2011, John Batchelor Show.

Does the Economy Need a Little Inflation? October 7, 2011, NPR.

The Financial Front in the War on Terror September 11, 2011, Bloomberg.

Boosting Job Growth: It's A Money Matter August 14, 2011, KQED.

Taylor on tax reform, the debt ceiling, jobs, and the economy July 26, 2011, John Batchelor Show.

Taylor on Fiscal and Monetary Policy July 18, 2011, EconTalk. 59:31

Taylor Discusses the Debt Ceiling July 12, 2011, Hugh Hewitt Show. 7:19

Why Not Go For 5% Growth June 14, 2011, John Batchelor Show.

US 'not in stalemate' over debt limit June 2, 2010, Taylor discusses the “tough negotiations” between President Obama and the leading Republicans over America's growing debt. Business News with Adam Shaw, BBC Radio. 4:15.

QE2 and the Fed December 2, 2010, Taylor discusses QE2 on the John Batchelor Show. Taylor's interview begins at 30:10.

Fed Eyes "Binge Bond Buying" to Spur Economcy November 2, 2010, Taylor discusses the U.S. Federal Reserve's new round of economic stimulus on NPR Morning Edition.

The Final Solution to Government Bailouts September 1, 2010, Taylor discusses government bailouts, inflation, and the economy on Market Wrap with Moe Ansari.

John Taylor discusses the economy on Bloomberg News August 2, 2010, John Taylor discusses what we need to do to get the economy back on track with Tom Keene.

Taylor on the State of the Economy, July 19, 2010, John Taylor talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the state of the economy. What policies have helped and hurt?

Financial Crisis and a Changing Business World, April 1, 2010, Center for Social Innovations, Stanford Graduate School of Business

John Taylor’s interview with Tom Keene, May 18, 2010, Bloomberg on the Economy

Was the Stimulus Package Successful? February 16, 2010, Bob Moon, NPR’s Market Place

The Taylor Rule January 14, 2010, TFNN, The Tom O’Brien Show

Evaluating the Stimulus Package September 4, 2009, KQED

Taylor Says Fed Should Scale Back CMBS Purchases August 20, 2009, Bloomberg Radio

John Taylor on the Financial Crisis July 20, 2009, EconTalk

John Taylor’s interview concerning the economy January 8, 2009, NPR - Planet Money

John Taylor’s interview with Tom Keene, December 30, 2008, Bloomberg News

John Taylor’s discusses monetary policy August 18, 2008, Econtalk