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April 2006 -
place: Jordan Hall, Bldg. 420, 4th floor, Room 417
time: Tuesdays, 12:00-13:00

November 2005 - April 2006
place: Psychiatry Bldg, 2F Rm 2210
time: Tuesdays, 11:00-12:00

April 2004 - September 2005
place: Jordan Hall, Bldg. 420, Room 417
time: Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00

august 1, 2006
Dissociating reading processes on the basis of neuronal interactions (Michelli et al., Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2005)    pdf

july 18, 2006
Language experience shapes fusiform activation when processing a logographic artificial language: An fMRI training study (Xue et al., Neuroimage, 2006)    pdf

may 30, 2006
Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain (Quian Quiroga et al., Nature, 2005)    pdf

may 2, 2006
Direct intracranial, fMRI, and lesion evidence for the causal role of left inferotemporal cortex in reading (Gaillard et al., Neuron, 2006)    pdf

april 18, 2006
Recap of Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting

march 21, 2006
Exploring dyslexicsEphonological deficit I: Lexical vs sub-lexical and input vs output processes (Szenkovits and Ramus, Dyslexia, 2005)    pdf

february 28, 2006
Brain abnormalities underlying altered activation in dyslexia: a voxel based morphometry study (Silani et al., Brain, 2005)    pdf

february 7, 2006
Naama Barnea-Goraly's presentation on TI and autism.

january 24, 2006
Arvel Hernandez's presentation on DTI and reading.

december 13, 2005
Bob Dougherty's presentation on DTI and reading.

november 29, 2005
The Axon Guidance Receptor Gene ROBO1 Is a Candidate Gene for Developmental Dyslexia (Hannula-Jouppi K. et al., PLoS Genet, 2005)    pdf
Strong evidence that KIAA0319 on chromosome 6p is a susceptibility gene for developmental dyslexia (Cope N. et al., Am J Hum Genet, 2005)    pdf
DCDC2 is associated with reading disability andmodulates neuronal development in the brain (Meng H., et al., PNAS, 2005)    pdf

september 14, 2005
The anatomic basis of pure alexia (Damasio and Damasio, Neurology, 1983)    pdf

august 24, 2005
Word and non-word reading: What role for the Visual Word Form Area? (Vigneau et al., NeuroImage, 2005)    pdf
When meaningless symbols become letters: Neural activity change in learning new phonograms (Callan et al., NeuroImage, 2005)    pdf

july 27, 2005
Reading depends on writing, in Chinese (Tan et al., PNAS, 2005)    pdf

july 13, 2005
The neural code for written words: a proposal (Dehaene et al., TICS, 2005)    pdf

july 6, 2005
Do women really have more bilateral language representation than men? A meta-analysis of functional imaging studies (Sommer et al., Brain, 2004)    pdf

june 15, 2005
Phonological decoding involves left posterior fusiform gyrus (Dietz et al., Human Brain Mapping, 2005)    pdf

june 1, 2005
Children creating core properties of language: evidence from an emerging sign language in Nicaragua (Senghas et al., Science, 2004)    pdf
The emergence of grammar: systematic structure in a new language (Sandler et al., PNAS, 2005)    pdf

april 27, 2005
Recap of Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting

march 30, 2005
Phonology, reading acquisition, and dyslexia: Insights from connectionist models (Harm and Seidenberg, Psych Rev, 1999)    pdf

march 16, 2005
More than words: a common neural basis for reading and naming deficits in developmental dyslexia? (McCrory et al., Brain, 2005)    pdf

march 2, 2005
Integration of letters and speech sounds in the human brain (van Atteveldt et al., Neuron, 2004)    pdf

february 16, 2005
Distinct unimodal and multimodal regions for word processing in the left temporal cortex (Cohen et al., NeuroImage, 2005)    pdf

february 2, 2005
Perisylvian language networks of the human brain (Catani et al., Ann Neurol, 2004)    pdf

january 19, 2005
Dynamic mapping of human cortical development during childhood through early adulthood (Gogtay et al., PNAS, 2004)    pdf

november 15, 2004
Functional connectivity in the human language system: a cortico-cortical evoked potential study (Matsumoto et al., Brain, 2004)    pdf

november 8, 2004
Anatomical signatures of dyslexia in children: Unique information from manual and voxel based morphometry brain measures (Eckert et al., Cortex, in press)    pdf

october 11, 2004
Variability of fMRI activation during a phonological and semantic language task in healthy subjects (Seghier et al., Human Brain Mapping 2004)    pdf

october 4, 2004
Article 1 - Somatotopic representation of action words in human motor and premotor cortex (Hauk et al., Neuron 2004)    pdf
Article 2 - Listening to speech activates motor areas involved in speech production (Wilson et al., Nature Neuroscience 2004)    pdf

september 22, 2004
Article 1 - Biological abnormality of impaired reading is constrained by culture (Siok et al., Nature 2004)    pdf
Article 2 - Integration of word meaning and world knowledge in language comprehension (Hagoort et al., Science 2004)    pdf

september 15, 2004
Target article - Numerical cognition without words: Evidence from Amazonia (Gordon, Science (in press?))    word doc

august 30, 2004
Target article - 'What' and 'where' in visual working memory: a computational neurodynamical perspective for integrating fMRI and single-neuron data (Deco et al., Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2004)    pdf

august 23, 2004
Target article - Prefrontal cortex guides context-appropriate responding during language production (Kerns et al., Neuron 2004)    pdf

august 16, 2004
Target article - Natural language and natural selection (Pinker and Bloom, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1990)

august 9, 2004
Target article - The anatomy of language: contribtions from fuctional neuroimaging (Price, Journal of Anatomy 2000)    pdf

june 14, 2004
Target article - Hearing colors, tasting shapes (Ramachandran and Hubbard, Scientific American 2003)    pdf
Target article 2 - Anomalous perception in synaesthesia: A cognitive neuroscience perspective (Rich and Mattingley, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2002)    pdf

may 31, 2004
Target article - The faculty of language: What is it, who has it, and how did it evolve? (Hauser et al., Science 2002)    pdf

may 24, 2004
Target article - The evolutionary origin of the language areas in the human brain. A neuroanatomical perspective (Aboitiz & Garcia, Brain Res Rev 1997)    pdf

may 17, 2004
Target article - Imagery in sentence comprehension: an fMRI study (Just et al., Neuroimage 2004)    pdf
Supplmentary article 1 - fMRI investigation of sentence comprehension by eye and by ear: Modality fingerprints on cognitive processes (Michael et al., Human Brain Map 2001)    pdf
Supplmentary article 2 - From perception to sentence comprehension: The convergence of auditory and visual information of language in the left inferior frontal cortex (Homae et al., Neuroimage 2002)    pdf

may 10, 2004
Target article - Engagement of brain areas implicated in processing inner speech in people with auditory hallucinations (Shergill et al., Br J Psychiatr 2003)    pdf
Supplmentary article - Modulation of activity in temporal cortex during generation of inner speech (Shergill et al., Human Brain Map 2002)    pdf

may 6, 2004
Target article - Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: Evidence from functional MRI (Temple et al., PNAS 2003)    pdf
Supplmentary article - Brain mechanisms in normal and dyslexic readers (Temple, Currnet Opinion of Neurolobiology 2002)    pdf
Other acticles - The neural basis of hyperlexic reading: An fMRI case study (Turkeltaub et al, Neuron 2004)    pdf

april 26, 2004
Target article - Language fMRI abnormalities associated with FOXP2 (Liegeois et al, Nature Neurosci 2003)    pdf
Supplmentary article - Deciphering the genetic basis of speech and language disorders (Fisher et al, Annu Rev Neurosci 2003)    pdf
Other articles 1 - Neural basis of an inherited speech and language disorder (Vargha-Khadem et al, PNAS 1998)    pdf
Other articles 2 - MRI analysis of an inherited speech and language disorder: structural brain abnormalities (Watkins et al, Brain 2002)    pdf

april 12, 2004
1. The human action recognition system and its relationship to Brocafs area: an fMRI study (Hamzei et al, Neuroimage 2003)    pdf
2. Language within our grasp (Rizzolatti and Arbib, TINS 1998)    pdf