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ABC-TV: News Report. New Hope: TMS as a New Treatment for Depression. Fall, 1999.
(about the effects of TMS on depression: Harvard Pascual-Leone)

Wired Magazine. Let's make your head interactive. August, 2001.
(about brain imaging: UCLA BMC)

Society for Neuroscience Press Conference. Mind Function: Deception & Intention. November, 2001.
(about fMRI study of self/other distinction of imitation and action observation)

Discovery Channel: Health: Brain Imaging. To be aired soon.

The Chronicle of Neurology and Psychiatry. March, 2003
(about the effects of TMS on depression)

Psychiatric News 2003 38: 16-17. New International Group Links Young Psychiatrists
(about the organization we founded: WAYPT)

New Scientist. May 1, 2004. Brain-watching helps suppress pain; May 3, 2004. Controlling brain by watching your brain
(about rtfMRI effects on pain modulation - from conference presentation at CNS)

Sankei Shinbun. June 8, 2004 p.14
(about free-will and illusion we found on time perception of intentional actions)

New Scientist. December 18, 2004. Sounds change the way people see
(about an auditory-visual illusion we found - see article in Curr Biol 2004)

Stanford Medicine Magazine. Fall, 2005. The science and ethics of exploring the mind
(about the ethics of TMS)

Nature News. December 12, 2005, Thought control brings pain into line: Brain imaging helps pain patients learn to reduce their own pain.
Technology Review. December 19, 2005, Mind-Control Over Pain
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 7, 90; Febuary 2006, Pain: Thinking pain away
NPR. July 6, 2006, Tracking and Controlling Pain by Sight
(about rtfMRI effects on pain modulation - see article in PNAS 2005 by deCharms)

Post-Gazette, February 11, 2007, Dyslexia begins when the wires don't meet
(about an fMRI study of sentence processing in dyslexia - see article in Cerebr Cort 2007 by Meyler)

Telegraph UK , February 20, 2007, Clue to Cause of Dyslexia
(about an fMRI study of dyslexia - see article in PNAS 2007)

APA Press, June 10, 2007, Press release: Methods to Identify At-Risk Readers
Other stories in Science Daily, Yahoo! News, Herald Globe, etc
(about an fMRI/VBM study of dyslexia - see article in Beh Neurosci 2007)

Nueva School, October 24, 2007, Press release: Gifted Learning Conference (about the Gifted Learning Conference 2007)

Stanford Interaction, Fall 2007, The Stanford's Latest Brainchild
(about brain imaging in general)

Stanford Report, November 7, 2007, Cardinal Chronicle
(about opening remarks for a film screening 'Headstrong')

Stanford Medicine Magazine. February 4, 2008
KCBS radio - 02/06/08
Yahoo! News - 02/08/08
CNN News - 2/13/08
New York Times - 02/19/08
(about a study published in J Psychiatr Res 2008)