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James H. Jones, (The Boss): Home Page

Dr. Sian Evans: From Miami, with love. DuMond Conservancy


Carolina Vallejo: I had to introduce myself here, yes this is Carolina speaking, because my so-called bestfriend wasn't gentle enough to include me. Visit my homepage, if you are willing to see a nice work-in-progress. You may think that I'm a jelous and bitter bitch, and you're probably right, but I do love Pulga (the owner of this page), and I deserve to be here just because I've taught him thousands of times what you shouldn't say to a girl. He's not a very good student, though.


Juan Camilo Cardenas: Works on Experimental and Environmental Economics. Teaches Game Theory and Economics of Environmental Institutions at Los Andes. Check out his page.




Jan 25, 2008