Teacher Education in CALL   

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Chapter 17. 
Expert-Novice Teacher Mentoring in Language Learning Technology

Carla Meskill, Natasha Anthony, Shannon Hilliker-VanStrander, Chi-Hua Tseng, and Jieun You, University at Albany, USA

This chapter details the activities and outcomes of the Technology Assisted Language Learning (TALL) Project over a three-year period. The project's chief aim was the development of pre-service teachers with expertise in effective integration of technology in their teaching of language and literacy to English Language Learners (ELLs). Central to the project was the mentoring of these pre-service teachers by project-trained, in-service, technology-using experts in local ELL K-8 classrooms. The pre-service cohort was simultaneously mentored by doctoral students with specializations in technology and language learning. Project design, processes, and outcomes are presented, and implications for teacher development outlined and discussed.

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