Ashish Goel
Stanford University

Associate Professor and 3COM faculty scholar
Management Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Computer Science

Huang Engineering Center room 359, Stanford CA 94305 (Visitor Info/Directions)
Email: ashishg @
Cell: (650)-eight hundred fourteen-1478, Fax: (650)723-1614
Admin asst: Roz Morf, Terman 405, (650)723-4173, rozm @

Affiliations: Member of the Operations Research group; I also work with faculty/students in theoretical computer science and ICME and serve on the technical advisory board for Twitter Inc.

Research interests: Methodological: Algorithms, optimization, stochastics, graph theory. Applications: Internet commerce and social networks; Network and Internet algorithms; molecular algorithms.

Publications, students, and committees

Widescope: how would you reduce the budget deficit?

Brief Bio

Teaching (2012-13): UPDATE: The first class meeting for MS&E 111/E62 in Aut 2013-14 will be on Wed Sep 25th. Please stay tuned for more information.
Spr: MS&E 233, Networked Markets
Win: CME 309/CS 365, Randomized Algorithms.
Aut: MS&E 111/ENGR 62, Introduction to optimization. We are teaching this class in the inverted model (watch lectures at home, and use class time for interactive problem solving), and access is currently Stanford only. Also see the web page from several years ago for the non-online class.

Old Classes:
MS&E 317/CS263. Algorithms for Modern Data Models, Aut 2011-12
MS&E 325, Topics in stochastic optimization, Win 2008-09
MS&E 235, Internet Commerce, Spr 2008-09
CME 352: Molecular Algorithms, Win 2007-08
MS&E 212/112, Mathematical programming and combinatorial optimization, Spring 2005-06
MS&E 319, Network algorithms, Winter 2005-06
MS&E 130/231, Information Systems, Autumn 2005-06
MS&E 319/CS 369X, Approximation algorithms for optimization problems, Winter 2004-05
MS&E 319/CS 369X, Molecular self-assembly: models and algorithms, Spring 2003-04
MS&E 317: Advanced Combinatorial Optimization, Autumn 2003-04

Locality: A painting in honor of Rajeev Motwani. Rest In Peace.
Some Hindi poetry by my Dad
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A prayer for Pakistan.
A Sarcoma fund-raising page.


Recent NSF Funded Projects

  • Algorithms with Ternary Content Addressable Memories
  • Algorithms, Incentives, and Optimization Techniques for Social Data