Maybe - Process:

I knew I wanted to use the repetitive format of .swf animations as part of my piece. When left alone, the video plays over and over, and this brought two things to mind. The first was gambling, a potentially addictive pasttime. The second was relationships that, despite their repeated failure, tend to keep recurring. These together form my first metaphor.

The three-part structure plays a large role in this piece. After mapping out the three visual compontents, audio motifs, and phrases, I began animating each segment. The first part connects a gold token to the hope for its potential with the word "MAYBE," from which the name of the piece is derived. It also functions as a symbol for financial or romantic sacrifice. What follows is the flashing lights that represent the excitement of beginning a round of gambling and the passion that relationships tend to have during the "honeymoon phase." Finally, the slot machine spins, always landing so close to the jackpot, or getting it "right."

After animating, I created the music, inspired by old video games and arcade machines. It was played on basic synthesizers and drum machines distorted to a lower resolution. The opening music is meant to lure the gambler back to the machine, or the lover bacak into the dysfunctional relationship. The music then becomes frenzied and excited, building up to the moment where the reel stops spinning. It ends with a classic "game over" tag signifying failure and disappointment.