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Nilda Bonet
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Employment Update Web Form
     Transaction ID: 00019852
     Date Received: 01-Dec-2004
     Originated on: 01-Dec-2004
     By: Teri Adler
Approval Schedule
Name Role Approval Sequence
Nilda Bonet HR Approver 10
Joe Smith Departmental Approver 20
Jo-Ann Cuevas Super-Approver 999
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Transaction Summary
Name Joe Schmoe
Empl ID 05645645
Empl Record Number 0
Action Job Change
Reason Promotion
Current Record Proposed Changes
Effective Date 09/01/04 Effective Date of Change 01/01/05
Effective Sequence 0 Requisition Number 4321
Position Number 10101 Position Number 10102
Job Code 5017 Job Code 5018
Salary Grade 4P2 Salary Grade 4P3
Pay Group EX1 Pay Group EX1
Work Assignment Department CBAG Work Assignment Department CBAG
Business Title Desktop Support Analyst Business Title Senior Desktop Support Analyst
Compensation Frequency Annual Compensation Frequency Annual
Pay Rate 48,000 Pay Rate 52,800
Step (Bargaining Unit only)   Step (Bargaining Unit only)  
Appointment Salary (Faculty only)   Appointment Salary (Faculty only)  
Pay Spread (Faculty only)   Pay Spread (Faculty only)  
  Change Amount 4,800
Change Percent 10%
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