Professor Wang in 1993!

Professor Wang inaugurated as a Terman Fellow in 1995, pictured with Hewlett and Packard.

Dr. Bill Bailey in front of the Perkin-Elmer 4400 thin film deposition chamber.

Farewell lunch for Dr. Kyusik Sin, the first postdoc in the group.

Group rafting trip, summer 1999.

Drs. Jongill Hong & Bill Bailey, Prof. Wang’s two first Ph.D. graduates

Group gathering at TMRC2001 Conference

Prof. Kim from Korea University with Prof. Wang at his office, 2002

Dr. Ankur M. Crawford with her Ph.D. defense committee, 2003

Group lunch at Osteria

The Wang Group in 2006

Prof. Wang with Drs. Liangliang Li & Shu-Jen Han (2007)

Prof. Wang with Dr. & Mrs. Han (2007)

Prof. Wang with Dr. Bob Wilson, Chris Earheart, and Richard Gaster in Chicago.

Prof. Wang and Dr. Wilson tactically plan to take over the world outside of McCullough.

Prof. Wang and AiLeen Koh (Sinclair group) at her commencement (2009).

Prof. Wang with Drs. Liang Xu, Wei Hu, Sebastian Osterfeld & Dok Won Lee at their Commencement (2009)

Prof. Wang with Drew Hall at his commencement (2012)

Prof. Wang with Rich Gaster at his commencement (2013)

Prof. Wang with Dokyoon Kim at his commencement (2013)