CS 248: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Pat Hanrahan

Electronic submission system for CS 248 assignment 1

by Apostolos "Toli" Lerios

Instructions for using the submit program

  1. Log on an elaine (not a raptor).

  2. Place your source code files, makefile, documentation, working executable, and auxiliary files (optional) in a single directory of the leland file system. We will henceforth call this your work directory.

  3. Make sure that:

  4. cd to your work directory, i.e. cd within your work directory.

  5. Execute the submit program by typing
    Just follow the on-line instructions from then on.

    If you encounter an error due to insufficient disk space, then try the following, in order:

After you submit your work: a short FAQ

  1. What does submit do to my account?

    submit just packages the contents of your work directory and mails them to our account. It doesn't change any file or directory permissions.

  2. I made a few last-minute changes. Can I execute submit again?

    You should normally execute submit just once, after you are 100% sure you are done with your assignment. If there is a catastrophe, and you end up executing it twice (or heaven forbid thrice!), we will only take into account your most recent submission, ignoring all previous ones automatically. But please avoid multiple submissions!

  3. How do I know whether submit completed successfully?

    Unlike other submission programs you may have used, submit does not send out an e-mail message notifying you of successful completion of the submission process. submit has done its job if it has executed without any errors.

  4. Do I need to keep around my personal copy of the work directory after submitting?

    You may clean up your account, and eliminate all assignment-related files, anytime after submitting your work. However, we strongly suggest that you do not do so before the end of the quarter.


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