Goals and Rationale

SUSSing Sustainability @ Stanford, is an an inclusive and vibrant site for (mostly) undergraduate writing and creative projects pertaining to sustainability.  With this inclusivity we are aiming to stretch and expand what counts as sustainability and what falls under the purview of environmentalism.  This will be essential to articulating sustainability not as a special interest, but as a broad, human interest.  We aim to: become a place where students go to learn about environmental issues and opportunities (funding, jobs, internships, courses, and volunteer projects); provide opportunities for students to reflect on academic experiences (study abroad, courses, research projects); publicize projects and initiatives; profile past and future sustainability-related events; and connect individuals and environmental groups across campus and thereby create a centralize portal for undergraduate involvement in sustainability related issues.  This site will grow in response to student interests.  It is our belief that growing a community of interested individuals who read and write about environmental issues will be beneficial.  We also hope to provide continuity for the numerous student environmental groups that change year-to-year and to connect with related science and education environmental groups beyond campus — locally, nationally, and internationally.

We have additional goals for those who write for and edit the blog.  We aim to give students practice writing for a blog – a form of communication that has quickly become pervasive and shows no signs of going away.  This sort of writing often involves translating a longer, more academic piece of writing into something shorter and more broadly accessible.  Learning to write for an audience of peers is also valuable and can help students develop a voice and style that will serve them well.  Editing is an often overlooked and under cultivated skill.  Learning how to help others improve their writing is invaluable.  Lastly, our student editors will also gain experience in designing and growing the blog.  This will involve technical aspects (visual layout and information architecture) and building relationships (with authors, groups, and departments).

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Upcoming Events
    Today 5:30 pm Studio Lecture Series with Trevor Paglen: Seeing Secrecy
    Fri, Apr 25 12:00 pm Ecosystem consequences of past and present changes in marine biodiversity
    Sat, Apr 26 2:00 pm Carleton Watkins Weekend Tours
    Mon, Apr 28 4:00 pm Making the Most of Your Presentation