Software Services

For Quantitative & Qualitative Software

Software consultants provide support in the use of the most popular quantitative (statistical) software: SPSS, Stata,R, and SAS and qualitative software: NVivo, ATLAS.ti and Dedoose. Consultants provide assistance and information for researchers who are at various stages in their project. Some of the most common topics include: choosing the right software for your research project, getting started with a particular software package, resources for learning and teaching quantitative (statistical) and qualitative analysis software, survey design and tips for data entry, solutions to common software problems, data management, and data reshaping and conversion.

Users visiting The Velma Denning Roomcan evaluate a variety of quantitative and qualitative software packages. A reference library of software manuals, textbooks on statistics, and other helpful books is located in the room. Printed "Getting Started" guides and documentsfor learning many of our supported quantitative, qualitative, and data conversion software packages are available on racks in the room, as well as directly downloadable as pdf files from this web site.