Over the first weekend of spring break, Stanford Polo played at the Western Regionals Tournament hosted at CalPoly. This tournament determines which teams in our region will go to Nationals, and is much anticipated every year.


The Men’s team put in a strong showing. Led by team captain, Erich Schloss, the team beat Idaho University to make it to the finals. Although the men lost their final game to last year’s National Champions, Westmont, we are really proud of their improvement over the season. The men’s team had a less consistent group of players than usual because of a variety of polo and non-polo related injuries over the course of the season. We were really impressed by the work put in by Eric Birdsall and Jack Cook to get back into playing shape, as well as freshman Ehson Kolbehdari’s willingness to jump into varsity chukkers.

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The women played a tough first game against a very determined Oregon State. The Stanford women held their own through the first part of the game, but Oregon State picked up momentum in the second half to win the game. All of the team really fought hard, and with many of the more experienced players returning next year, we are looking forward to a competitive next season. We’re especially glad that co-captain Katrina Pura was able to stay around one more year and lend her strong presence on the field.


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Compared to many of the other collegiate polo regions, the western region is fairly small. Regionals is always a fun time of camaraderie as we reconnect with teams and players from all over the region. Thank you to our coaches Heather Lake and Mike Zeliger for helping us improve throughout the year! The level of polo was very impressive this year, and we’re looking forward to next year! Congratulations to Westmont Men and Cal Poly Women and good luck at Nationals!

Stanford Polo is looking forward to a fun but productive spring. All of the horses got the first week or two of spring quarter off. We have trail rides, scrimmages, Grilled Cheese, and the annual inter-club tournament planned. We’re looking forward to it and hope to see our alum at Grilled Cheese! Stay tuned for the date!


Lucky Helmets!


Thanks to the generosity of Tom Shanahan, a long-time supporter of Stanford Polo, the new helmets have arrived! The helmets are safety approved and certified, and a massive step up from the club’s old ones. After having the old “crash helmets” in the club for decades, we’re thrilled to have these new helmets! A secondary benefit is that the matching red helmets complement the Stanford jerseys, making us look extra smart and intimidating. Tom Shanahan has truly helped bring Stanford Polo up to modern standards and times, and we can’t thank him enough for his continued support.

Although the helmets didn’t have their first christening game until two weeks ago, since their arrival, Stanford has won nearly all of our games and tournaments. Three weeks ago, the Women’s Team played USC. The game was a little sticky and slow, but Stanford cruised to an easy victory, with goals made by all members playing for the team.


That Sunday, Stanford fielded lower and upper flight teams for the Horse Park’s Valentine Tournament. New members Raquel and Kathryn did a great job in their first arena tournament! The upper flight team, consisting of seniors Erich Schloss, Laura Kurt, and Olivia Cords, battled it out to win their flight. Their last game against the fierce Sutter Butte team resulted in a tie. Thanks to two true penalty shots made by Olivia Cords (the author herself was pleasantly surprised), the team of Stanford seniors won the tournament! The upper flight’s team success in this fast game had the coaches lamenting over Erich Schloss’ inherent ineligibility to play for the women’s team. Should Erich have been born “Erica” we would surely be on our way to nationals. Other highlights of the day included a bareback chukker. The chukker, enjoyed by all, resulted in only one minor casualty in the very last thirty seconds, as Martini’s rider (we won’t mention names) slipped of her pony. We really enjoyed the camaraderie of what we hope will become an annual event put on by Horse Park Polo, and are very thankful that we were invited to participate.


Two weekends ago, Stanford hosted three games in a row, beginning with the Women’s Team victory over Westmont on Friday. The women played their second game of the weekend against Oregon State on Saturday. The Stanford Women’s Team got off to a slow start in this game, which was tied through halftime. Re-energized during the second half, the Stanford team pulled ahead during the third chukker and maintained a generous lead for the rest of the game. We’re glad that Oregon made the long drive down to play us, and would like to commend the Oregon girls for their very determined ride offs.

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The men’s team played a fast game against the Idaho Vandals. Both the Stanford team and the Idaho team are lead by strong captains, Erich and Mason, and the game was very competitive through the first half. The Stanford Men’s Team quickly pulled ahead in the second half, resulting in a hard-won victory. We’re glad that we could reciprocate Idaho’s generosity in hosting the women’s team and want to thank Idaho for making the trip down! We’re pleased that we finished off our last few home games with multiple victories, which we’d chalk up to the new helmets if we were superstitious.

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The recent rain has resulted in several cancelled practices, but we’re thrilled to have the arena back this weekend. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the much-needed rain will hold off over the next two weeks, as we practice and scrimmage in preparation for Regionals at Cal Poly.

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Games and Rain

Stanford Polo Club has had a very busy few weeks! Two Saturdays ago, the women played Cal Poly. Due in part to an unfortunate number of penalties, the score was overwhelmingly in Cal Poly’s favor. However, the Stanford women’s teamwork improved over the game, and the fast chukkers helped highlight things to work on. We’re glad we had the opportunity to play such a strong team on our home court! Rain on Sunday almost forced the men’s team to cancel their game against Cal Poly. Luckily, the team was able to trailer down to an indoor arena in Gilroy. Led by team captain and club president Erich Schloss, the men’s team handily won their game. We’re particularly proud of freshman Ehson Kolbehdari for his first appearance representing Stanford polo!

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This past weekend, the women’ team travelled up north to play Washington State University and University of Idaho. After taking an early morning flight up to Washington, the team played WSU. The challenges of adjusting to frigid weather, a smaller arena, and new horses caught the girls a little off guard, and the team trailed behind WSU throughout the first half. However, despite her hurting back, co-captain Katrina Pura rallied the team for a much more competitive second half. Sophomore Ellie Redding made several penalty shots and had some great hits to goal. Although the game resulted in a loss, we’re proud of how the team rallied and especially of Ellie Redding’s strong shots and great defense. Thank you WSU for hosting us!

Saturday the women played University of Idaho. Despite some frozen dirt clumps in the arena, the footing played amazingly well and the game was very competitive. The two teams were roughly tied for the majority of the game. A tough third chukker resulted in Stanford being down by three. Despite a few more goals made in the fourth chukker, it was not quite enough to win the game. Sunday, Idaho again hosted and we played fun chuckers with mixed teams. Everyone got a lot of playing time in and we were really impressed with the Idaho Team’s hospitality, and the Idaho string and facilities. Thank you to University of Idaho for hosting us and for helping with transportation and lodging! Despite being unused to the cold and the snow, we had a fun and polo-packed weekend! We’d also like to thank the Furrer family for all of their help on this trip, including providing four-wheel drive transportation, handwarmers, a jacuzi spa, and lots of love. These trips really wouldn’t be possible without the help of our polo parents and we’re so grateful for their support!

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Back at home, there has been nothing but rain, which is good for the drought but bad for polo. The men’s double header against OSU this past weekend was sadly cancelled and the arena appears to be just dry enough for practice this week. This upcoming weekend the women will play USC on Saturday and then the club will field a team for the Horse Park’s Valentine’s Day Tournament on Sunday. Next weekend, the women are playing Westmont on Friday, OSU on Saturday, and the men’s team will play University of Idaho on Sunday. We are looking forward to the upcoming games and especially the chance to reciprocate the generosity of the Idaho team. Hope to see you out there!

Women’s Team Takes Texas! Yeehaw!

This past weekend the Womens’ Team travelled all the way to Dallas to get in a few more games. The first game was against Texas Tech. The two teams were fairly evenly matched until the final chukker, when Stanford accumulated the last few points for an 8-5 win. Playing Texas Tech made the long drive to Lubbock worth it, and we were impressed by the warm welcome and great ponies! The next day the team played TCU. The Stanford women put up a fight, but TCU scored several points in the second chukker, which made it difficult to catch up. Thank you to TCU and Texas Tech for hosting! We’re hoping one day that we can reciprocate the favor! We’d also very much like to thank the Lake and Torres family for their hospitality and for providing a strong Stanford cheering section. We really couldn’t have done this trip without the love and logistical support from these families. Next weekend, the Women’s team is playing Cal Poly on Saturday and the Men’s team is playing on Sunday. We’re looking forward to some fast, fun polo!

Back in the Swing of Things

Both the Mens’ and Womens’ teams took a break from school to travel down to Cal Poly to play the Idaho Vandals. All players of the Women’s team made goals during the game, ending up with a 12 to 5 victory over Idaho. The Men’s team played the following day, and lost in a close game of 7-6. Despite only a few days to prep after winter break, everyone played really well and the games were a great way to kick off the winter season! Thank you to Central Coast Polo for hosting! In the mean time, we are continuing to work hard at home to get horses and players back into shape. Most of the Womens’ team will make the trip to Texas to play a few more games before both Stanford teams face Cal Poly at home early February. We’re excited about the upcoming games and we hope to see you out there.

2013-2014 Schedule!

This season’s schedule is finally posted! Check it out under the “schedule” tab. Please note that more games will be added as they are scheduled, and nearly all polo games are played outdoors and are subject rain cancellation. Feel free to contact us for the most current information regarding game time and location. We hope to see you at a game!


Belated Fall Wrap Up

Fall quarter has flown by and here is a belated wrap up of the club’s activities! In addition to welcoming 11 new members, the team spent fall quarter gearing up for the winter season. The team went down to Cal Poly for Mustang Madness, a referee clinic hosted by Cal Poly. Big thanks to Cal Poly for putting the weekend together! Team bonding was had by all as we refreshed our knowledge of the rules and played a few games and scrimmages. The Men’s team won their game against OSU, with Jack Cook making his first appearance playing for the team.


The Women’s team put in a strong effort against OSU as well, with Ellie Redding and Shivani Torres playing in their first game. In addition, Men’s and Women’s teams have been scrimmaging at home against local players in the area to up the team’s level of play. The rest of this season’s games will be held during winter quarter. The schedule is still in the works, but will be put up on the website in the next few weeks. We wish everyone the best for the new year and can’t wait for winter polo!

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2nd Annual Polo for Lyme and New Members!

This past Sunday members of the club volunteered at the 2nd Annual Polo for Lyme Benefit at the Menlo Circus Club. The benefit was held to support Bay Area Lyme, a local foundation that raises awareness, provides education, and supports research relating to Lyme disease. Lyme disease is increasingly prevalent in California and infects both people and animals. We had a lot of fun at the event and are glad we could support a worthy cause! To learn more about the Bay Area Lyme Foundation please see their website.


In addition, after three fun but arduous weeks of tryouts, Stanford Polo Club is pleased to welcome twelve new members to the club. We’re very excited to have so many new members and are thrilled they joined! The team roster will be updated soon! Now that last year’s new members are officially no longer newbies, we felt it was safe to put this picture up.


A typical newbie practice

An Awesome Summer, and Onto Newbie Day and Tryouts!!

Welcome back to school!!

The polo team had an amazing summer, with members of both the men’s and women’s teams traveling to Central Coast Polo Club for several tournaments, to South Bay Polo Club for field chukkars and the Garlic Cup, and to Oakdale Polo Club for some very fun scrimmages. Special shout-out to coach Heather Lake and senior Laura Kurt, who travelled to CCPC last weekend for the WCT Qualifier and won their flight!


We’ve added a few more horses to the pasture (pics coming soon!) that we think will make excellent additions to our string. Special thanks to Russ Sheldon and Poway Polo Club for Jaegermeister, Santos Arriola and South Bay Polo Club for Stoli, and the Stanford Equestrian team for Jack!

Both our men’s and women’s teams are gearing up for the fall season, and we’re also getting ready for a new crop of new members!! If you’re a Stanford student and interested in joining the club please send us an email and/or come talk to us at the activities fair on Friday! We’ll have an adorable white pony with us so we should be easy to spot. Our “Newbie Day” is this SUNDAY at Webb Ranch, and you can sign up to come either at the activities fair on Friday or by sending us an email. Boys can expect to be picked up at 10 and dropped off by 1:30, and girls can expect to be picked up at 11:30 and dropped off by 3. We’ll have a polo demonstration, talk about what the club is like, give you a chance to get to know us, and rotate through a few stations to give you a taste of what polo is like. We hope to see you out there!

If you’re unable to make SUNDAY’S “Newbie Day” but are interested in joining the club, please talk to us on Friday at the activities fair or send us an email, Newbie Day is not mandatory but it’s a great chance for us to get to know you! We’ll also have newbie practices/tryouts the following two weeks and will finalize the new members in mid-October.



ExpertQuote Tournament!

This past weekend Stanford Polo fielded a team for the ExpertQuote Silicon Valley Polo Classic Tournament at Menlo. We can’t thank Harpreet Chadha, the CEO of Legacy Resources, enough for sponsoring the Stanford team! The tournament was many club members’ first official tournament and was a great success. Unfortunately we didn’t bring the camera out, but the Stanford team handily won their game with 14 goals made between Saturday and Sunday. The tournament was a welcome break from studying for finals as we finished up the school year. The team practices arena polo for most of the school year, but playing on the field this spring has been a lot of fun and it was a privilege to play at Menlo. Many thanks again to Harpreet Chadha, a big Stanford fan and polo supporter, for giving us this opportunity to play! The ExpertQuote Tournament is the last tournament we will play this school year, but many team members will continue playing over the summer so keep an eye out for Stanford Polo!