SITP Seminar Schedule (Sep.'13 - Aug. '14)

(The seminars are held in room 355 of Varian Physics Building)

Date Speaker Time (***=special time) Title Affiliation
09/03/13 Labor Day   No Talk  
09/16/13 Pierre Sikivie 2:00 pm "An argument that the dark matter is axions" University of Florida
09/30/13 Jess Riedel 2:00 pm "The objective history of a quantum universe: Redundant records as a set selection principle" IBM
10/04/13 Chris Brust 4:15 pm "New Light Species and the CMB" MB
10/07/13 Raphael Flauger 2:00 pm "Planck Revisited" IAS/NYU
10/14/13 Michael Mulligan 2:00 pm "Attempts at a higher dimensional Luttinger liquid" Microsoft Station Q
10/21/13 Stefan Janiszewski 2:00 pm "Non-Relativistic Holography from Horava Gravity" University of Washington
10/28/13 Tom Hartman 2:00 pm "Entanglement and Geometry in 2D CFT" KITP
11/04/13 Tarun Grover 2:00 pm "Entanglement, Renormalization, and Stability of Quantum Phases" KITP
11/11/13 Evangelos Sfakianakis 2:00 pm "Multifield inflation after Planck: the case for non-minimal couplings" MIT
11/15/13 Simon Knapen 12:00 pm "Constraints on large A-terms in General Gauge Mediation" (in room 312) Rutgers University
11/15/13 Bridget Bertoni 4:00 pm "Dark Matter Thermalization in Neutron Stars" University of Washington
11/18/13 Juan Collar 2:00 pm "Recent results from CoGeNT and COUPP" University of Chicago
11/25/13 Thanksgiving Week   No Talk  
12/02/13 Mina Arvanitaki 2:00 pm "Fundamental Physics with Optically Levitated Dielectrics" Stanford
12/03/13 Raman Sundrum 2:30 pm "Holography of the BTZ Black Hole" University of Maryland
12/05/13 Nemanja Kaloper 12:30 pm "Sequestering the Standard Model Vacuum Energy" UC Davis
12/09/13 Naoko Kurahashi Neilson 2:00 pm "The Birth of Neutrino Astrophysics" U. Wisconsin
12/10/13 Guy Gur-Ari 12:30 pm "3D Bosonization and Chern-Simons Vector Models" Weizmann Institute
12/11/13 Vyacheslav Rychkov 11:30am "Conformal bootstrap and the 3d Ising model" CERN
12/12/13 Masanori Hanada 12:30 pm "Numerical test of the gauge/gravity duality at quantum gravity level" Kyoto University
12/16/13 Paul Chesler 2:00 pm "Dynamics near a holographic phase transition" Harvard University
12/17/13 David Pinner 3:30 pm "BBN and the Unnatural Weak Scale" UC Berkeley
12/17/13 Paul Aspinwall 2:00 pm "Exoflops and Topology Change" Duke University
01/06/14 Maxim Pospelov 2:00 pm "Dark matter searches: looking under new lampposts" Perimeter Institute
01/09/14 Francesco Benini 12:30 pm "2d Partition Functions, Elliptic Genera and Dualities" Stony Brook University
01/13/14 Anze Slosar 2:00 pm "Fundamental Physics from Present and Future Cosmological Observations" BNL
01/16/14 Gabriele Veneziano 12:30 pm "Transplanckian scattering of particles, strings, and branes" CERN, College de France, CCPP/NYU
01/17/14 Beni Yoshida 2:30 pm "Information storage capacity of discrete spin systems" (Information Physics Seminar) Caltech University
01/20/14 MLK Day   No Talk  
01/23/14 Alessandro Strumia 1:00 pm*** "Naturalness after LHC run-I" University of Pisa
01/24/14 Jeongwan Haah 2:30 pm "Topological quantum phases from quantum error correcting codes" (Information Physics Seminar) MIT
01/24/14 Douglas Finkbeiner 4:00 pm "The few GeV excess at the Galactic center -- dark matter this time?" Harvard University
01/27/14 Solomon Endlich 2:15 pm*** "Effective field theory, fluid dynamics, and the spontaneous breaking of space-time symmetries" EPFL
01/30/14 Anson Hook 12:30 pm "S-duality of nonsupersymmetric gauge theories" IAS
01/31/14 Sean Hartnoll 2:30 pm "Entanglement entropy in 2d CFTS from Schottky uniformization and holography" (Information Physics Seminar) Stanford
02/03/14 Eric Perlmutter 2:00 pm "Correlations and Entanglement in Higher Spin Theories" DAMPT
02/07/14 Lenny Susskind 2:30 pm "Computational Complexity and Black Hole Horizons" (Information Physics Seminar) Stanford
02/07/14 Roger Blandford 4:00 pm "Exploring Cosmic Acceleration at the Pevatron" Stanford
02/10/14 Marc Kamionkowski 2:15 pm*** "Fossils from Inflation" Johns Hopkins University
02/17/14 President's Day   No Talk  
02/18/14 Hiroaki Matsueda 12:00 pm "Emergent General Relativity from Fisher Information Metric" (Information Physics Seminar) Sendai University, Japan
02/21/14 Scott Aaronson 2:30 pm "Scaling and Verification of Boson Sampling Devices" (Information Physics Seminar) MIT
02/24/14 Boaz Katz 2:00 pm "Type Ia supernovae are the head-on collisions of white dwarfs" IAS
02/25/14 Andy Albrecht 12:30 pm Informal talk on equilibrium models of cosmology and the arrow of time UC Davis
02/28/14 Dan Gottesman 2:30 pm "Improving Telescopes With Quantum Repeaters" (Information Physics Seminar) Perimeter Institute
02/28/14 Nathaniel Craig 4:00 pm "New Signs of Naturalness" IAS
03/03/14 Kfir Blum 2:00 pm "Constraining Dark Matter-Baryon Scattering with Linear Cosmology" IAS
03/04/14 Ivan Savov 12:30 pm "Network Quantum Information Theory" McGill University
03/06/14 Michael Berry 12:30 pm Informal lunch talk University of Bristol, UK
03/07/14 Michael Berry 12:30 pm Informal lunch talk University of Bristol, UK
03/07/14 Sandu Popescu 2:30 pm "The smallest possible thermal machines and the foundations of thermodynamics" (Information Physics Seminar) University of Bristol, UK
03/07/14 Annika Peter 4:00 pm "WIMP physics with direct detection" Ohio State University

Loganayagam Ramalingam

2:00 pm "Thermal Helicity in AdS/CFT" IAS
03/14/14 Ignacio Cirac 2:30 pm "Bulk-Boundary correspondences in tensor networks" (Information Physics Seminar) Max-Planck Institute, Germany
03/14/14 N/A N/A "Bay Area Particle Theory Seminar" N/A
03/20/14 Koenraad Schalm 12:30 pm "On resistivity in quantum critical metals and holography" Leiden University, Netherlands
03/24/14 Spring Break   No Talk  
03/28/14 Brian Swingle 2:30 pm "Holographic geometry from the perspective of reconstructing quantum states from local data" (Information Physics Seminar) Harvard University
03/31/14 Roni Harnik 2:00 pm "Fermion Hierarchy from Scalar Anarchy" Fermilab
04/04/14 Fernando Brandao 2:30 pm "Quantum Information, Entanglement, and Many-body Physics" University College London
04/04/14 Stephanie Wehner 4:00pm "Can we estimate the decoherence caused by a physical process without knowing it - or even assuming quantum mechanics?" National University of Singapore
04/10/14 Liza Huijse 12:30 pm "Emergent supersymmetry at the Ising-Kosterlitz-Thouless multi-critical point" Stanford
04/11/14 Edgar Shaghoulian 2:30 pm "Covariant holographic entanglement entropy beyond AdS/CFT” (Information Physics Seminar) Stanford
04/14/14 Miranda Cheng 2:00 pm "Umbral Moonshine and String Theory" University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
04/16/14 Philipp Mertsch 4:00 pm "Fingerprints of Galactic Loop I on the CMB" Stanford
04/17- 04/18/14 Special note   No Seminars, SITP workshop Apr. 17-18, '14 in Varian 355  
04/28/14 Chad Galley 2:00 pm TBD Caltech
05/05/14 Rob Myers 2:00 pm TBD Perimeter Institute
05/08/14 Cindy Keeler 12:30pm TBD University of Michigan
05/12/14 Shiraz Minwalla 2:00 pm TBD Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, IAS
05/19/14 Jaroslav Trnka 2:00 pm TBD Caltech
05/22/14 C. Kevin Boyce 12:30 pm TBD Stanford
05/27/14 Memorial Day   No Talk  
05/29/14 Matt Reece 12:30 pm TBD Harvard University

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