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Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members are all welcome to board their horses at the Red Barn. Board rates are all-inclusive and include:

  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Continual fresh water, courtesy of Nelson automatic waters
  • Feeding of high quality timothy hay 3 times per day
  • Daily turn-out in one of twenty 40'x60' paddocks for horses boarded in the main stabling area, as well as blanketing autumn through spring
  • On-site care from full-time groom staff
  • 4 outdoor wash racks
  • 5 grooming stalls
  • Secured tack rooms in both barns
  • Personal refurbished tack lockers in the Red Barn
  • Men's and women's locker rooms with showers in the Clubhouse
  • Dressing room in the Red Barn

Rates for 2012-13 , beginning Sept 1st, 2012:
The charge for services and stall in the Red Barn and/or School Barn is:
$1150/month for community boarders
$1300/month for extra-large foaling stalls
$1000/month for full-time Stanford faculty and staff (1st horse)
$850/month for full-time Stanford students (1st horse)

The charge for facility usage and stall/turnout in the Pasture Barn is:
$800/month for community boarders
$680/month for full-time Stanford faculty and staff (1st horse)
$550/month for full-time Stanford students (1st horse)
$1000/month for oversized stall/paddocks for community boarders

Additional notes:
Faculty, Staff and Students wishing to board more than one horse pay the discounted rate for the first horse, and community rate for each additional stall. Community, staff and student horses may be leased (partially or fully) to Stanford for use in its Student Equestrian Program, based on suitability, rideability and discretion of management.

Once a student is accepted to the university, and wishes to bring their horse, they should notify the Red Barn management through our online inquiry form. If the demand for stalls exceeds our availability, we will establish a waiting list. Criteria for evaluation include enrollment at Stanford University, participation in Stanford teams and programs, willingness to comply with the "Rules and Regulations" of the Red Barn, and the stable manners of the horse.

Interested in boarding your horse at the Stanford Red Barn?
Step One: Fill out our online form of inquiry.


Trailering Fees
Trailer-In Fees $50 per visit or
$150 per month or
$400 per year
Parking: Bumper pull $40 per month (for trailer only)
Parking: Goose-neck $75 per month
Parking: Trailer + Truck $75 per month (for any trailer parked with truck)
Trailer parking is limited and subject to availability.


Fremont Rd & Electioneer Rd in Stanford, CA 94305
E-mail vbartsch@stanford.edu, online at http://set.stanford.edu/barn/