Sculpture by
Carolyn Chen

Myb World

The Lipsick Laboratory

at Stanford University


Our laboratory studies the structure and function of chromosomes
and chromatin in metazoans.  The Myb protein family provides us
with a useful window for exploring chromosome and chromatin biology.
Proteins that contain Myb domains regulate gene expression, epigenetic
inheritance, nucleosome assembly and remodeling, histone modification,
telomere maintenance, and centromere identity.




Left: Wen H, Andrejka L, Ashton J, Karess R, and Lipsick JS.
 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression by Drosophila Myb and E2F2-RBF
 via the Myb-MuvB/dREAM complex.
Genes & Development 22: 601-14. (2008)



Right: Sim CK, Perry S, Tharadra SK, Lipsick JS, and Ray A. 2012.
Epigenetic regulation of olfactory receptor gene expression by the Myb–MuvB/dREAM complex.
Genes & Development 26: 2483-98. (2012)


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