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Great Books. Great Room. Prof. Sutton on Scaling Up Excellence – Thurs at 5:15pm

Prof. Bob Sutton will discuss his new book, Scaling Up Excellence – co-authored by Prof. Huggy Rao.

Thursday, April 17, 2013 at 5:15 – 6:45 pm
General Atlantic Great Room
4th floor Bass Center

Come join us for the evening with wine and cheese!

Great Books. Great Room. is an event series hosted by the GSB Library to showcase faculty publications and encourage GSB community interaction and engagement. The Library’s beautiful reading room on the 4th floor of the Bass Center sets the scene for an inviting yet informal book talk, Q&A, and reception. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Big data and ER

Seems like the library blog is on a big data roll as I just saw an article titled, How Big Data Helped Cut Emergency Room Visits by 10 Percent. The article relates how in Washington state beginning in June 2012, began requiring all ERs to put details about the patients they treat into a statewide database. This allows physicians to track patients’ visits even if if they go to different emergency rooms. By doing this the ER visits have been cut by 10 percent in Washington state.

Read more about the business of healthcare in this library trending topic.

Big Data, Big Mistake?

Tim Harford explores the brave new world of Big Data in the March 29/30 Financial Times Weekend edition. In ‘Big Mistake?’, Harford ruminates on the claims and the pitfalls of what some are calling a new panacea for all past deficiencies of marketing, statistical gathering, government programs and more. He examines and challenges four major claims advanced by the proponents of Big Data, in the process recounting now-classic anecdotes, such as the famous example of Google Flu Trends, and the case of the father who discovered his daughter was pregnant when Target started targeting her with baby products. Is Big Data just the latest media darling – or does it have the potential to rock our world?

Batter up!

On Monday the new baseball season began as it does every spring. Every major league team also renews itself with new players and sometimes even new stadiums.

Forbes magazine has compiled a report named MLB Team Values: The Business of Baseball because after all they don’t play for free, it’s a business. See how much your team is worth.

Conference notice

If you happen to be in New Haven, Connecticut on Friday, March 14 you can consider attending Innovators Forum, billed as ‘A Health and Social Entrepreneurship Conference’. It is being presented by Unite For Sight and sponsored by the Harvard Business Innovations in Global Health Care, at the Shubert Theater in New Haven. Presenters include Ken Himmelman of Partners In Health, Victoria Hale of Medicines360, Ana Rowena McCullough of QuestBridge, Vanessa Kerry of Seed Global Health, Bobby Jefferson of The Futures Group, David Barash of The GE Foundation, and more. If interested, register online for the lowest rate by today, March 4.


I ran across some new food industry related titles in the Searchworks catalog namely,

  • Betting on famine: why the world still goes hungry by Jean Ziegler
    Business Library » Stacks » HV696 .F6 Z5413 2013 
  • From scratch: inside the food network by Allen Salkin
    Business Library » Stacks » PN1992.92 .F66 S25 2013 
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of food rights: the escalating battle over who decides what we eat by David E. Gumpert
    Business Library » Stacks » HD9005 .G86 2013
  • Salt, sugar, fat: how the food giants hooked us by Michael Moss
    Business Library » Stacks » RA784 .M638 2013 

Also if you wanted to find some industry research check out S&P NetAdvantage on our library A-Z database page and find Foods & Nonalcoholic beverages industry survey. (Note: current Stanford students, faculty and staff  only can access)




Cost of romance

I couldn’t resist checking out how much Americans will most likely spend today for Valentine’s Day. CNN has it broken down by the the numbers.

And if you want more numbers…the U.S. Dept. of Commerce weighs in on the day with Facts for Features.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Olympic MOOC

Michigan State university is offering a free five week MOOC course entitled, Mega Events: Inside the Winter Olympics. The professors teaching the course state, ““Our hope is that this course gives participants a functional understanding of the Olympics, how they’re organized and how host cities and countries manage them,” Wilson said. “The MOOC format and timing of the course will let us tailor modules to events in the Sochi Olympics and incorporate those into class discussions as they happen.”

I also found a book in the GSB Library catalog entitled, Olympic turnaround: how the Olympic Games steeped back from the brink of extinction to become the world’s best known brand by Michael Payne



In search of a home

Just ran across this article in the New York Times entitled, The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market which does a great job of explaining the tale of the housing market for the last few years.

Want more information on the housing market? Check out our library site, Housing Market and the Economy.

Burberry meets Apple

Burberry’s current CEO, Angela Ahrendts, will become Apple’s new senior vice president of retail in spring of this year. She will become one of the few women inside the “inner circle” of Apple and will bring according to the email Apple CEO Cook sent out announcing her hiring, [she] “places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience.” But he also added, significantly, that “she cares deeply about people and embraces our view that our most important resource and our soul is our people.” Read about Apple’s “new rock star” in the current issue of Fast Company.

Also if you’d like to read other articles on executive women’s careers, check out the library page, Hot Topics: Women Executives and Career Tracks.


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