Q&A: Recorded Music and Speeches


Where can I find a collection of recorded music and speeches on Stanford campus?


For music and speeches that actually happened at Stanford, two good sources are Stanford's YouTube channel and iTunes at Stanford. Both include lectures, classes, and musical performances that took place on campus.

For music and speeches generally, the Archive of Recorded Sound has a great collection of historic recordings. Also see their link to outside sound collections and other sound collections at Stanford. Additionally, here's a list of music-related links (not just recorded sound) at Stanford.

Q&A: United States Presidential Elections


Where can I find information on United States presidential elections?


To start, look at the Politics and Elections Resources page, which lists resources about elections.

For presidential speeches, check these news databases (available to Stanford users):

Finally, you'll find many relevant materials by simply doing a Searchworks under subject search under "campaigns United States." Here are a few listings to get you started:

Q&A: Historical German Language Newspapers


I'm looking for a 2001 article from the German language newspaper Die Zeit. What index is there to that paper?


The only German language newspaper index available is called the Zeitungs-Index, to which we subscribe. We have 1974 through 1994, then there is a gap until 1999 and another gap until 2003. We have a standing order, but those issues were never delivered. We also have a CD-ROM produced by Zeitungsindex which covers from 1982 to 1989. However, currently there is no index to the 2001 issues of Die Zeit.

We checked with the publisher and with other libraries, but these gaps are universal. There is a German language bibliographic essay that addresses this issue.

Q&A: Historical San Francisco Newspapers


Is there any indexing to San Francisco newspapers in the early 20th Century?


The California State Library produced an index to old San Francisco newspapers for the early 20th Century. It's a unique resource that is easy to overlook. Stanford has this on microfiche (stitle:San Francisco newspapers index, 1904-1959), located in Media Microtext Collection in the Basement of Green Library.

The SF Chronicle index for 1950-1980 is available in: San Francisco Chronicle index, 1950-1980. For contents, consult: Users' guide to the San Francisco newspapers index / compiled by Richard Terry (Z6952.C2T47 1986), located in Current Periodicals/Microtext in Green Library: MFICHE 849 Media Microtext Collection (Lower Level).

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