The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003

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33. Do you earn money from OS/FS, either directly or indirectly? (check all that apply)

No 844 56.76% (out of 1487 responses)
Yes, directly: I am paid for developing OS/FS 217 14.59%
Yes, directly: I am paid for supporting OS/FS 193 12.98%
Yes, directly: I am paid for administrating OS/FS 197 13.25%
Yes, directly: Other reasons - Please specify 59 3.97%
Yes, indirectly: I got my job because of my previous OS/FS experience 104 15.94%
Yes, indirectly: My job description does not included OS/FS development 41 5.92%
Yes, indirectly: But I also develop OS/FS in my work 91 13.11%
Yes, indirectly: Other reasons - Please specify 52 5.92%
1487 total responses