Fang Lab Research

Lab Space and Equipment Available

Our laboratory occupies 1,500 square feet of independent research space with fourteen benches, located in the state-of-art Lokey Chemical Biology Building. The lab has an adjacent cold room, a tissue culture room, a microscope room, a gel electrophoresis room, and two general equipment rooms for centrifuges, shakers, freezers, chemical and radioactive hoods etc. The building also has common space to promote social and scientific exchanges among its members.

Our laboratory is well equipped for molecular, cell biological and biochemical experiments. We have a Storm PhosphorImager from Molecular Dynamics, an AKTA FPLC from Pharmacia with various high-resolution columns, several centrifuges from Beckman and Sorvall, and two fully motorized Zeiss Axiovert 200M inverted microscopes with de-convolution capacity (with AutoQuant software). Both microscopes are controlled by Openlab software and equipped with heated stages for automated live cell imaging. One microscope is also equipped with an Eppendorf semi-automated microinjector (Injectman NI2) and the other one equipped with a Perkin Elmer spinning disc head for confocal imaging of live cells.

To find the direction to our lab, please click the map. Parking is available in a parking structure next to the Lokey Building.

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