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New Exhibit in the Engineering Library: Engineering and Technical Consulting

The second in a series of exhibits answering the questions, What is an Engineer?, is on display in the Engineering Library. The Winter Term exhibit features materials and project information from Exponent engineers. Exponent is a leading engineering and scientific consulting firm that demonstrates how a multidisciplinary team can provide solutions to complex technical problems. The firm, formerly known as Failure Analysis Associates, assists clients with proactive (independent third-party design evaluations) and reactive (accident/failure investigations and product recall) consulting. Exponent has over 450 consultants that hold an advanced degree, including more than 275 that have earned a Ph.D. or M.D. in their chosen field of specialization.

Exponent engineers have been proud to work on a number of significant projects, including: Boston’s “Big Dig” Construction Delay Evaluation, UK Buncefield Facility Explosion, Evaluation of Artificial Joint Design, Hurricane Katrina Damage Assessment, Las Vegas Monorail Design Review, Northridge Earthquake Structural Evaluations, Portable Power Reliability Testing and Evaluation, Roller Coaster Safety Evaluation, Vehicle Crash Testing to Evaluate Real-World Design Performance, and the World Trade Center Structural and Fire Investigation.

The exhibit displays examples of project work from Exponent’s Thermal Sciences, Buildings and Structures, Mechanical Engineering and Materials/Metallurgy, and Biomechanics practices. Founded in 1967, Exponent is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the firm. A copy of the video EX40 : an Exponent Retrospective is available at the Engineering Library. For more information about Exponent, please contact Jenny Irwin at jirwin@exponent.com or see the Exponent website at www.exponent.com



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