Optogenetic training courses

Optogenetics Training

The Optogenetics Innovation Laboratory (OIL) offers a number of hands-on courses at different levels of detail. Graduate students, Stanford researchers, and those willing to travel to take a class are welcome to select from the courses below.

For more information, please contact the Laboratory and Education Manager: Dr. Maisie Lo, Ph.D. (maisielo@stanford.edu). Space is limited, so individuals wishing to participate in a workshop should contact Dr. Lo directly for training registration.

1) 3-day workshop (offered throughout the year)

Topics covered:
  • 1. Stereotactic cannula implantation
  • 2. Optical stimulation for behavior testing
  • 3. Optical stimulation for electrical recording

2) 3-week summer workshop (for researchers with a more flexible time schedule)

Topics covered:
  • 1. Production of recombinant lentivectors for optogenetic gene delivery in mammals
  • 2. Stereotactic injection and cannula implantation
  • 3. Optical stimulation for behavior testing
  • 4. Optical stimulation for electrical recording
  • 5. Confirmation of transgene expression
Possible topics include:
  • 6. Primary neuronal cell culturing
  • 7. Confocal microscopy
  • 8. Patch clamping

3) Graduate course (BIOE 291; for Stanford graduate students only)

Held in the Fall quarter. In-depth optogenetics class with lectures, group presentations, final project proposals and a hands-on lab component.

For more information, search BIOE 291 at this website: