News and Activities

[02/25/2014] Congratulations to Wenjun Xie for successfully defending her Ph.D thesis. Wenjun is the second PhD student graduated from our lab. Hooray.

[12/20/2013] Congratulations to Carter Lin for his paper accepted to Nature Communications.

[12/05/2013] Felix Alfonso, a 1st year Chemistry graduate student joins our group. Welcome Felix.

[10/08/2013] Welcome rotation student Joshua Yoon to join the group.

[08/19/2013] Group hiking at Huddart Park.

[08/01/2013] Celebration for our NSF INSPIRE award.

[05/01/2013] Congratulations to Allister for his Bio-X graduate fellowship!

[03/20/2013] Welcome Dr. Shunling Guo joining our group as a postdoctoral fellow.

[03/20/2013] Farewell to Yasuko Osakada for her new position as an assistant professor at Tyoto University.

[03/01/2013] Welcome Qunxiang Ong (A-STAR ), 1st year graduate student, joining the group!

[02/01/2013] Congratulations to Kai for his paper published in J. Neuroscience.

[01/01/2013] Welcome Hsin-Ya Lou, 1st year graduate student, joining the group!

[12/01/2012] Welcome Allister McGuire, 1st year graduate student, joining the group!

[09/26/2012] Congratulations to Wenting, Bianxiao, and Yi for the CCNE-T grant.

[09/18/2012] Congratulations to Kai for his American Cancer Society postdoc fellowship.

[09/12/2012] Great news! Bianxiao received the NIH New Innovator Award!

[NIH link] [Stanford Report]

[07/21/2012] Congratulations to Lindsey and Herman's wedding!

[06/12/2012] Congratulations to Wenjun and Kai for their manuscript accepted to Integrative Biology.

[01/16/2012] Celebration of Chong/Carter/Lindsey's paper accepted to Nature Nanotechnology, Yasuko/Lindsey's paper accepted to Chem. Commu., and happy birthday to Wenjun.

[10/15/2011] Baby news! Welcome Wenting's new baby boy.

[05/30/2011] Chong's graduation ride and our group BBQ at Foothill Park. Chong is able to finish 20mile uphill ride. Thanks to our 7-member riding team and a strong cheering team.

[05/23/2011] Congratulations to Chong Xie for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Chong is the first PhD student graduated from our lab. Hooray.

[04/05/2011] Daphne is awarded a NSF Fellowship. Congratulations, Daphne.

[03/30/2011] Our PNAS paper is highlighted on NatureMethod.

[03/28/2011] Bianxiao received the NSF CAREER award. Congratulations. Our nanopillar project goes on!

[02/04/2011] Chong and Lindsey's paper on nanopillar optics published on PNAS. Beautiful work.