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World Languages Research Guide

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Background Information

"aims to present any knowledge from linguistics...that many have bearing on the education of children and adults. It also covers the fields specifically concerned with language learning (in the widest sense) and language teaching."
"brings together a broad-based, state-of-the-art overview of current knowledge and research into the following domains of second language teaching and learning: social contexts of L2 learning; research methodologies in L2 learning, acquisition, and teaching; contributions of applied linguistics to the teaching and learning of discrete and inextricably intertwined L2 skills; L2 processes and development; and teaching methods and curricula; second or foreign language testing and assessment; and language planning and policies."
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Foreign Language Teacher's Guide
Blaz, D.
Cubb P51 .B544 1999
Shrum, J. L., & Glisan E. W.
Cubb P51 .S48 2010
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Recent Books

Redmond, Mary Lynn, and on the of Languages American Council Teaching Foreign
Cubb LB1578 .R425 2013
Brown, Steven, and Larson-Hall Jenifer
Cubb P118.2 .B77 2012
Bassiouney, Reem, and Katz Graham E.
Cubb PJ6074 .A76 2012
Ellis, Rod
Cubb P118.2 .E38 2012
Henn-Reinke, Kathryn
Cubb P115 .H46 2012
Pinter, Annamaria
Cubb P118.2 .P56 2011
Vandergrift, Larry, and Goh Christine Chuen Meng
Cubb P53.47 .V36 2012
Bauer, Eurydice B., and Gort Mileidis
Cubb LC3731 .E25 2012
Goodman, Kenneth S.
Cubb LB1050 .R4125 2012
Wei, Li, and Cook Vivian
Cubb P51 .W375 2011
Manual de gramatica
Cubb Curric PC4112 .D69 2011
Abriendo Puertas
Cubb Curric PQ6172 .A27 2003
Entre Mundos
Alonso-Lyrintzis, Deana, and Zaslow Brandon
Cubb Curric PC4112 .A396 2004
Foreign Language Teacher's Guide
Blaz, Deborah
Cubb P51 .B544 1999
New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish
Butt, John, and Benjamin Carmen
Cubb Curric PC4112 .B88 2011
Dolz, Joaquim
Cubb LB1577 .P6 D65 2010
Rainer, Franz
Cubb LB1139 .L3 R355 2010
Davis, Jacqueline
Cubb P53.85 .W67 2010
Shrum, Judith L., and Glisan Eileen W.
Cubb P51 .S48 2010
Culicover, Peter W., and Hume Elizabeth V.
Cubb P51 .C78 2010
Lancashire, Ian
Cubb LB1028.3 .T386 2009
Littlemore, Jeannette
Cubb P118.2 .L57 2009
Johnson, Karen E.
Cubb PE1128 .A2 J624 2009
Adamson, H. D.
Cubb P120 .V37 A32 2009
Nikolov, Marianne
Cubb P118.2 .E16 2009
How We're Going About It
Dooly, Melinda, and Eastment Diana
Cubb LB1578 .H69 2008
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Foreign Language Annals (Journal)
Journal of Language, Identity, and Education (Journal)
Journal of Second Language Writing (Journal)
Language Learning (Journal)
Language Learning Journal : Journal of the Association for Language Learning (Journal)
Language Teaching (Journal)
Language, Learning & Technology (online Journal)
System (Journal)


Indexes and abstracts articles of English-language periodicals and books on education from 1983 on. Abstracting coverage begins with January 1994....
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) from the US Department of Education. Bibliographic database of educational resources including articles...
Contains citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, and technical reports in the field of psychology and psychological...
Abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences.



New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish
Cubb Curric PC4112 .B88 2011
Abriendo Puertas
Cubb Curric PQ6172 .A27 2003
Cubb Curr F1241 .G66 2000
Babar a la fete de Celesteville
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B22 2009
Babar a New York
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B23 2008
Babar dansl'ile aux Oiseaux
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B33 2006 F
Babar en Amerique
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B34 2006
Babar en Famille
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R93 B33 1993
Babar et le Coquine d'Arthur
Cubb Curr PQ2662 .R8 B336 1965
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B2514 2008
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B35 2002
Babar et sa fille Isabelle
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B355 2006
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 B3814 1997
Cubb Curr LT2585.2 .M49 C54 2002
Conversacion y Controversia
Cubb Curric PC4121 .I75 2010
Cubb Curr GV481 .C3818 2003 F
Cubb Curr F1241 .D52 2002
Cubb Curr PQ7389 .M377 Z27 2003
En el Bosque
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 I5818 2004
Entre Mundos
Cubb Curric PC4112 .A396 2004
Cubb Curr PC4117 .E873 2001
Cubb Curr PC4117 .E873 2003
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E87 1994
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E85 2000
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E8 2001
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E83 2001
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E87 1997
Cubb Curr PC4115 .E84 2000
Cubb Curr PC4112 .E76 1994
Cubb Curr ML410 .V7617 L55 2009
Cubb Curr LT2583 .M49 2000
Cubb Curr G73 .G463 1992
Cubb Curr H62.5 .M6 G85 2001
Cubb Curr H62.5 .M6 C543 2001
Cubb Curr PC4420 .E87 2001
Cubb Curr PC4420 .E873 2003
Hernan Cortes
Cubb Curr F1230 .C385 A3618 2009
Cubb Curr F1291 .G66 2002
Histoire de Babar
ubb urr PQ2603 .R9452 H57 2009
Cubb Curr LB775 .K6272 N691 2013 F
Anniversaire de Babar
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 A56 1991
Cubb Curr PQ7298.3 .O722 D46 2003
Feria de los Animales
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 A6518 2002
Cubb Curr PQ7298.23 .A86 N56 1998
Cubb Curr PQ7297 .M62 O9 2001
Cubb Curr PC4117 .V46 2000
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9453 C48 2009
Le Roi Babar
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9452 R65 1994
Voyage de Babar
Cubb Curr PQ2603 .R9452 V69 2009
Cubb Curric LB1584.5 .M6 C43 1994
Cubb Curr PQ9698.16 .R2915 C4918 1992
Cubb Curr HQ789 .V37 2003
Manual de gramatica
Cubb Curric PC4112 .D69 2011
Mi Mama
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 M92 2005
Mi Papa
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 M918 2002
Mis Cinco Sentidos
Cubb Curr QP434 .A4318 1995
Cubb Curric PC4129 .E5 P74 2011
Cubb Curr F1331 .T67 2003
Cubb Curr PC4117 .S43 1999
Cubb Curr PQ7298.32 .A7898 S57 1998
Strega Nona (Spa)
Cubb Curr PS3554 .E11474 S7718 2005
Cubb Curr PQ7298.417 .O43 T56 2003
Cubb Curr F1371 .V47 2002
Cubb Curr HN120 .Z9 C689 1996
Cubb Curr HF5382.5 .M6 V53 2000
Cubb Curr F1226 .V5295 1994
Voces en el Parque
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 V6518 1999 F
Willy el Sonador
Cubb Curr PR6052 .R6173 W55318 1997 F
Yo Juan de Pareja
Cubb Curr PS3539 .R455 I218 1996
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"The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction. ACTFL is an individual membership organization of more than 9,000 foreign language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry."
"Teacher resources and teacher professional development programming across the curriculum"
"Information that focuses on developing the highest levels of foreign language proficiency in California students." Includes curriculum frameworks and information on instructional materials.
"(CLTA) is a nonprofit, multi-language, professional membership organization with19 affiliates. Members teach languages other than English at all levels, kindergarten through university."
"CAL is a private, nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture. Established in 1959, CAL is headquartered in Washington, DC."
"The mission of the International Children’s Digital Library Foundation is to excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community – children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online."
"Located on the fourth floor of King Library, the Educational Resource Center provides materials for students, educators, professors, parents, and all others interested in K-12 education in Silicon Valley."